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Thread: Re generating junk Leak cabs.

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    Default Re generating junk Leak cabs.

    I recently aquired a pair of Leak cabs from a friends garage.
    They are unmatched very early 2way types with the 12" bass and cone tweeter.
    Sadly, a visual inspection gives me the impression the last user connected them to the mains.
    They are positivly blown to shit...even the xovers are junk.

    So, given innards are US and one is teak, the other walnut...what to do.
    I am reluctant to bin such solid enclosures with damping and wadding intact and was thinking maybe cutting the baffles out and installing new timber.

    I have a few junk speakers about,KefB 200s, the working innards from a pair of celestion DL6 and some old japanese stuff..with good 8" drivers

    Would say, the 8" Celestions work, with the cabs volume reduced with extra wadding??

    I'm a competant chippie...but my working knowledge of vintage cabs is nil.

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    You'd probably do better with a pair of full range drivers like the Visaton BG20 for instance on a revised ported baffle. The cabinet volume should be about right.
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    What's the internal volume? A Fane 12-250TC will work in a sealed box.

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