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Thread: Next level up in speaker cables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CageyH View Post
    You are doing it again.

    I am not getting bitchy. Written word is notoriously hard to understand the context in which it was written.

    I mentioned SPOTFIRE, so does that mean I am selling it and advertising it as well?
    It is quite easy for me not to mention any of the products I have in the European toy box in the future if it offends anybody. Just let me know....
    Ok, I accept context may have been lost.

    No harm intended. Shall we move on?
    Analogue: Technics SP10 MK2 > Phonomac AT-1010 MK6 tonearm > Ortofon Kontrapunkt b > Bigbottle Jfet MC Valve Phonostage (Telefunken Valves)
    Digital: Raspberry Pi 3+/Allo Boss 1.2/Isolator 1.3 & Firebottle LPSU with Volumio & JRiver
    Amplification: Nelson Pass Derived DCB1 with Khozmo 48 Step Series Attenuator & Neurochrome Modulus 686 Amplifier
    Cables: SPOTFIRE Speaker Cable & SPOTFIRE IC Cables & SPOTFIRE Tonearm cable
    Speakers: Pioneer CS-77A

    Price List For SPOTFIRE Cables here:https://bit.ly/2Uxiv3j

    Alternative reading: http://www.audioaddictsforum.com

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    Oh yes....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Covenant View Post
    Thanks Jeff,
    Interesting stuff, There is a dealer only 7 miles from me. I presume when they say silver they mean silver plated? The most important aspect of a cable to me is that the bass is not exaggerated-I have transmission line floor standers that can produce boom if the bass is not controlled. Also would the S210 E bend around a patio door reveal?
    Keep in mind this is the same company that makes an incredible Theseus car amp $14,000 to 20,000 dollars and a car speaker line that out of this world so there commitment to car audio Hi Fi is way ahead of everyone else.
    Every product they sell is tested to death wires in a car will experience way more vibration,moisture,RF interference and abuse than anything in your home. They are soft and perfect to make that patio door bend.
    BTW there speaker cable is braided to work best in one direction so look for those little arrows!

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