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Hello Oli

Just read your feedback on the unit, thank you for putting your words on the forum appreciate that

I would also agree with you, it is not a sticking plaster for a system that needs to brought back into balance, which I have always suggested it works best on an even handed system.

For you personally I would maybe look at speakers to give a good all round improvement to the system imho.

Will clear up a few points for you chaps, absolutely no concrete are in the RTZ boxes what so ever of ANY description.

The weight of the RTZ1 is 2.7Kg, the material inside is *new* (Clarifying:- the constituent formulation of said material is new, in that it does not appear in any patent search in relation to the effect it generates or any other effect that could be considered to be related to how the box functions. That may or may not exist within the formulated material itself)

The boxes are fabricated in the UK Oli, however I understand your suggestion relating to them.

The binding posts are stripped down, ultrasonically cleaned, the pickled in acid to remove the stock plating, again thoroughly cleaned, then plated with our own material we fabricate the cables from. Cryogenically treated before assembly, then the whole unit is cryo'd after manufacturer, lastly the O.E. BR pads are fitted
Hi Tony,

I wasn't aware that the posts were stripped and replated.

I think there's a lot of us who aren't "against' your RTZ working but the mystique coupled with the price is going to cause some "curiosity" about VFM. It's up to the prospective customer to decide where that 1k + is best spent. I understand it in Al's system.

I did hear an improvement throughout Alan's system and am happy to defend that position in conversation. I'd like to hear one in my own. I believe Alan is going to bring it over. If it works here, I'll say so.

I'll be auditioning speakers but whether I actually need to make a change remains to be seen.