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Thread: Rega Planar 1 anti-skating issue.

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    Here's the reply from Paul Darwin

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    Playback problem, I'm talking about, is that some of the records start skipping (Sorry, I'm not sure about the right term to use for this, they just stuck repeating the same part again and again), when the counterweight is set for 1,75g. It doesn't happen with the same ones, when it is set for 2,1 g for example. As to arm swinging, I'll better shoot a small video of this. Basically, it just always moves to the right always when going down to the plate, so I need to hold it with my fingers to make it go down perpendicularly.

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    So, that is what happening:

    1. Let's check the scales with a test plummet:

    Almost perfect.

    2. Then test the weight of Elys 2, when a counterweight is pushed to the end:

    I was wrong before. It's almost 3g, not even 2,5.

    3. Now let's check how will the cart go down while I push the lever:


    It goes ok.

    4. Then I move the counterweight to set downforce to recommended value:

    5. And that is what happens after that:


    I guess it should not be this way. So, maybe I'm doing something wrong. But what ?

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    This got me searching on information on the RB110 tonearm,

    I found a thread on Pink Fish media regarding how the bias works on this arm. Under the arm is a cylindrical magnet, this magnet should be preset in its housing but if you
    turn and pull/push this magnet it can be moved backwards/forwards thus adjusting the arms bias.

    This magnet should be fixed in someway in its housing, I assume a glue of some sort would be used, or is it just a tight fit ?

    Now what if and I mean what if this magnet has been been set incorrectly at factory level or the turntable has been knocked, banged
    or jarred in some way enough to move that magnet, this would cause problems with the bias.

    Link to a thread on Pink Fish Media showing this magnet under the arm, along with information on how to change the setting of it, something I
    would not do unless you feel adept at doing so - https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/thre...stment.205514/
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    Thank you. Magnet looks OK, so I'm beginning to assume, that maybe bias is not an issue at all....Any ideas (when looking at videos), what else could it be ?

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    there is another solution if you are not happy generally with all of this, put the carbon back on - and change the stylus for this....its at least an elliptical stylus vs


    even better, but may only be available on ebay NOS


    not sure this guy is still trading, but this would be good


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    I should have dived in earlier!!

    Rega have always set the bias slightly high and in past years, I always set the slider then fitted to RB arms at '1' or even less for 1.75g tracking force using an elliptical stylus. Rega are trying to make a Planar 1 as easily fit and forget as possible for non-enthusiasts and it works a treat for these people. The current Planar 2 also has fixed bias I believe. It's an arbitary setting at best, so only ever an approximate setting as many styli need different settings in my experience.

    What I'd have done is obtain a (Jico made?) EPO-E stylus from Thakker for the Carbon and left everything else as-is - I dislike Rega's higher MM's, sorry, although I love their MC's which sound totally different. Staying with Audio Technica, I'm thinking an AT530 or even 540 (latter especially with fine line tip) would have preferred Rega's naturally higher fixed bias setting - this fixed high bias also discussed at length on VE threads I believe and can be an issue once you start changing cartridges.

    With vinyl this works - DECK FIRST, then the ARM, then the CARTRIDGE, followed by the phono stage. The bearings in the arm fitted to a Planar 1 or 2 aren't as good as the RB330 for example. Just saying. For an AT91 based Carbon or cartridge up to an AT530 (VM95EN is more likely for cost considerations though), a Planar 1 should be fine.
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    Check out this vid on YouTube.

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