So chatting over the Xmas holidays me & my 2 brothers have decided to do a few days away riding the South downs way. We are starting from Winchester and aiming to finish in Eastbourne (100 mostly off-road miles) 2.5 days later. It's supposed to be fairly hilly route so we have split it into 3 days (40 miles max a day) with a b&b stop each evening.

As of a few weeks ago I'd not ridden a bike in ages, 3 years ago I'd herniated a disc in my lower back and cycling hadn't been on my radar much.

But things are a lot better now, and I firmly believe in setting yourself challenges so this is my next one .

Ive been out and bought myself a decent mountain bike last week, it's certainly slower than my old road bike but it's v comfy and I think with sensible training the 100 mile will be a walk in the park sort of!

So this morning was first ride on it, very flat 16k route local to home. Nice an easy, all felt good. Can't wait for the next outing now

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