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Thread: Ayre c-5xe Compared to a dCS classic stack. (Verdi-Delius-Purcell).

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    Default Ayre c-5xe Compared to a dCS classic stack. (Verdi-Delius-Purcell).

    A while back I was looking for a Pass Labs X1 Pre and whilst looking into it I came across an Ayre K-1xe which I bought and have been very impressed with. So much so, I am considering trying an Ayre C-5xe CD/SACD player as a possible replacement for my dCS front end. I'm not honestly expecting the Ayre to be a significant improvement over the dCS but sometimes a change of presentation can be refreshing. If it as good as the preamp I will be very happy. As an aside I can move on the dCS kit and be a little 'up on the deal' cash wise which I could do with for other things.

    Has anyone here owned or had a good listen to the Ayre? I have read very good reviews and hardly any negative comments but sometimes reviews can be inconsistent. The font of knowledge that is AOS would, I feel, be helpful in forming an informed opinion. I am seeking neutral, not excess blossom, nor dry and sterile. Any comments from those who are familiar with this player would be welcomed.


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    It's pretty long in the tooth these days. No USB input, maxes out at 192khz. Sounded good when I heard one, but that was nearly ten years ago. replacement transports will be impossible to find and a well used one will be heading towards needing a partial re-cap, service at least. DCS should be able to service their stuff nearly forever.

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