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Thread: Those Denon Micro Systems

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    I'm Martin.


    Denon are a good company and their mini units get good reviews. They paired up with Mission making the speakers at one point

    I prefer bigger sized separates though. I was dabbling with the Teac range of mini systems and you have to go 300 or 500 series. The older 100 series looked cute but was not really hi fi with a chip amp. Also when the cd player fails they seem harder to service with planned obsolescence based on my limited experience. I would rather stack up some Nad amps and other equipment even if it doesnt look as pretty

    The new prices they charged for the original 100 series components were quite shocking really and more a lifestyle system where sound quality is not a priority. I was picking it up at rock bottom, used prices on ebay. Some people still want 650 for the 300 series stack. I think calling it reference is very cheeky marketing though. Those of you with good systems wouldnt call that reference by any stretch of the imagination.

    Then again a small Denon unit for a spare room.... plug and go....you could do far worse
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    I'm Adam.


    Bought a new Denon DM40 and Q Acoustics 3020 speakers for the mother-in-law's new flat about a year ago.

    She hasn't been using it and says it is too complicated (but of course it is not). So I took the whole lot back off her. Stuck it all in a spare room at my house as a second system for when the family are watching crap on TV in the lounge (and I can't listen to my main system).

    Have a Raspberry Pi with Wolfson Audio Card feeding a fully modified Caiman SEG (Latest Firmware, Clock Mod, Dorado etc) connected to the Denon's AUX IN.

    Actually gives my main Creek / AVI system a run for it's money.

    It is warmer and the treble detail from my AVI Neutron IVs is not all there. But - it is not that far off the Creek 50A / Creek 50CD / AVI system.

    I have bought some QED XT-25 speaker Cable and QED interconnects for the Denon (which have brightened things up a tad).

    Amazing for the 250 quid I spent in a Richer's deal on the Denon DM40 and Q Acoustic 3020 speakers combined.

    The mother-in-law has gone back to her Bose CD/Tuner with a built in speaker. The Bose sounds like a glorified clock radio (but she finds it simpler to use).

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    I had a Denon mini cdp I believe it was in the DCD F100 series, I used it at work. It held up well but sonicly lacked impact, Just didn't impress me.
    I don't think it had a remote either .
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    I'm David.


    Where's the OP gone?

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    I'm Shane.


    Quote Originally Posted by antonio View Post
    Where's the OP gone?

    Shane Lonergan.

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    I'm David.



    Well Shane I didn't know whether your were or

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    Had one of the earlier 40s for a bit. Very impressed, stuck a pair of early B&W Matrix floor standers on it and it sounded very good indeed. Even the input from Spotify via my iPhone sounded fine. For casual listening hard to beat, and surprisingly adept at more critical stuff. The CD player was very good too. Built well, easy to use... get one at the right price and it's a no-brainer.
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    set up the dm41 with some kefs this week at a friends house . it replaced a denon 250pma and a denon cd player . beautiful compact package and not a bad sound at all in their system . brilliant for a kitchen or bedroom system
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