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Thread: Hello from a new member.

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    I'm Carlos.

    Default Hello from a new member.

    Hello everyone.
    I'm Nascimento, 61 years old, I like jazz and classical music, but I also like Pink Floyd, Genesis and King Crimson!
    I have pair of Tannoy Westminster Royal HE that a few hours are played by Reimyo Cat-777 and Airtight ATM300, other hours by Mcintosh C2300 and C275, Kuzma XL/Yamaha CD-S3000.
    That said, let me read some of the forum topics!

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    I'm Shane.


    Howdy! Welcome to AOS.

    Have fun.

    Shane Lonergan.

    Home Hi-Fi Chat UK (Facebook Group)

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Nascimento. Welcome to AOS.

    You have a nice system there. Tell us what future plans if any you may have for it.

    Feel free to join in the chat, there's plenty going on.

    Enjoy the forum,
    "when common sense, logic and plausibility are excluded. All that remain are foolishness and lies"

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    I'm Carlos.


    Thank you for the welcome!

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    I'm Martin.


    Welcome from me Carlos. Westminster Royals! Pretty cool speakers.

    Current Lash Up:

    Technics SLP1200 CD Player * Nelson Pass DCB1 Pre amp / Krell KSA50S Power amp * JM Lab Electra 926 loudspeakers *

    'You fool! To think that your ape-brain could contain the full knowledge of the Krell!'

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Carlos,

    Yes, some tasty gear you have there.

    Enjoy the Forum

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