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Thread: Hello from Maidstone

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    I'm julian.

    Default Hello from Maidstone

    I joined a while ago, when i was interested in buying or building some open baffle speakers, but it's taken me until now to do my 'newbie' post.
    Having recently being made redundant (all good), deciding i don't wan't to work for anyone else anymore (at least not on a regular basis), and just having my knee joint replaced - means i have more time on my hands / an excuse to sit by the computer.

    I've had good kit for 30 years - well i though it was good at the time ! Starting with an LP12, 32.5, hi-cap, Kans in my 20's, but have been playing with valves for most of the last 15 years, although i still have most of my record collection i haven't spun one for probably that length of time.

    My interest is 2 channel based, all sorts of music, and for me it's all about the midrange sound and the emotion. Looking into 4 way active speakers, isolation and balanced mains at present.

    anyway, got the monkey off my back, and look forward to meeting more of you in the future.

    Best wishes,

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    I'm Shane.


    Howdy! Welcome to AOS.

    Have fun.

    Shane Lonergan.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Julian. Welcome to AOS.

    If you have a speaker project on the go, we'd like to hear about it.

    There's a lot going on here, so feel free to join in the chat.

    Enjoy the forum,
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    I'm Martin.


    Hi Julian, welcome to the forum. Active four way speakers sounds like a good plan, be interested to see how that works out for you.

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Julian.

    Enjoy the Forum

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