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Thread: DIY Power Amp kit - complete novice!

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    Default DIY Power Amp kit - complete novice!

    Hi all ..... is there a kit out there that will result in a power amp that will rival my NADc350ís main stage?

    Iím sure there must be some fantastic kits out there but that are all comparable to amps Iíve never heard...

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    Pass F5

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    The Pass F5 is a Class A amp and requires large (often expensive) heatsinks. They are about 30w per channel and sound pretty good. A few years ago a couple of mates built one each and I built an F2 (5w per channel) as I had full range horns at the time. However over the years I have built many solid state amps and a good place to start is a Gainclone (based on either LM3886 chips or LM3875) The parts count is low and there are a lot of kits out there. However, there are a lot of fake chips and you may find that if you buy a kit from ebay they may not be the real thing. Best place to get them is Farnell or RS Components (even if you get the PCB and other bits off ebay) get some proper chips.

    I have also built a couple of Mosfet amps with boards from LJM Audio (see link) these were recommended here as a good kit with good sound.


    A very good site dealing with Gainclones.


    I have to say that all the amps I have built have been as good as the commercial stuff I have bought over the years (IMO), but I have not spent mega amounts on them.
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    Have a look at Neurochrome. https://www.neurochrome.com/. I built the Modulus 86 amp and power supply a few years back and they worked extremely well. Tom Christiansen is extremely helpful and tolerant of novices as I was at the time. Buy one of his kits and you get a very nicely made PCB plus a bill of materials which you can order as a pre-made list from Mouser making sure you get the right parts! There are several threads on DIY Audio covering his products, some of them very long but they do show lots of very satisfied customers.

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    I built a gainclone some years ago, it's sitting in my office unused now. Robbed some rca sockets from it so needs a bit of sorting. Has a stepped attenuator and 4 way selector and pre outs and main in so could be used as power or integrated. I must get around to using it again.
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    I use a brace of bridged Mod86p from Tom, very good amps utterly silent, offensively so.

    The diyaudio.com honeybadger is a very good class AB design and far less demanding than the Pass F5 in terms of component matching and chassis metalwork

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    Quite agree whit all the previous post's
    F5 is going to be the last amplifier you can and ever will DIY probably the last you are ever going to need or buy as well

    Kit include IRF mosfets and such soft start and speaker protection is another set of board Case is a bit pricey but Modushop supply a fully drilled one

    Only thing missing are the Jfets but there are ways around that and I am sure you can find same one here willing to help

    Yes is a class A but not just 30 W you can have much more depending on how much you can spend I got a 100W turbo on the work bench

    One thing no mater what you are going to build. Get a super decent transformer from Toroidy not cheap but that is money you will only spend once

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    Discrete Dynamics Class AB modules

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    F5 might be a bit daunting (the heat!). ACA is nice and easy Pass class A design. It is 2x6W but with right speakers 6W is enough.
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    Peter Daniels (Audiosector) has recently revived his website and his Standard and Premium Gainclone kits are listed on there at https://audiosector.com/lm3875

    I have recently put back into my system the one I built years ago and have been again pleasantly surprised at the bang per buck you get from these.

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