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Thread: A better understanding of the true value of vintage gear.

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    Default A better understanding of the true value of vintage gear.

    I was curious how much my old Pioneer Spec 2 cost new from 1976 was $1,000.00 . Spec 1 pre amp was $650.00 new.
    Just the Spec 2 adjusted for inflation U.S. dollars 2019 would be today $4,429.49 !

    In 1976 the Median household income was $12,696.00 ! Average new home was $ 48,000.00.

    The stock Spec 2 output was 250 watts into 8 ohms and had 60,000 uf of caps in the power supply a massive toroidal that looked like a coffee can. weighed 60 pounds.
    Mine was upgraded with new parts output 355 watts RMS into 8 ohms, the power supply caps upgraded to 88,000 uf , all new larger output transistors and US relays , newer upgraded resistors, signal caps Black gate.
    It was a very good sounding power house but living in a condominium this was just un needed. And even though it did sound very good it did not have warmth of my Manley labs amp of very much less power in Triode 20 to 25 watts RMS.
    I will always trade power for sound quality and that was the very best solid state amp I have ever heard as good as Pass Labs in my opinion . The Pass Labs where like portable heaters.
    I traded it for an early Audion Silver Night phono stage using 2 x 6922 double triodes. It was a fantastic phono stage but I still miss the Spec 1 Spec 2 set at times.
    They where just statement pieces from Pioneer made to thumb the nose at the high end market and say "look what we can do" .

    I see these amps still on ebay and I know I wouldn't use it any more but still can't stop my self from wanting one again.

    The pre amp Spec 1 had every possible function available and you could delete tone controls for a more direct path at the flip of a switch.
    In my opinion a good tube preamp like the Audio Valve Eclipse would be better paired to the spec 2 but it was also a fantastic class A pre amp of it's day and with a little effort is still worth it's salt.

    If the older gear is in good condition it is worth rebuilding and upgrading , the investment is pennies on the dollar when compared to todays hi end prices.
    A lot of todays gear is not all that much better for what they are asking for it.

    Todays transistors, capacitors and resistors are much better and can bring out the best in older gear for not much money.
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