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Thread: Velleman 8020 Pre Amp ( updated )

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    Default Velleman 8020 Pre Amp ( updated )

    Velleman 8020 Pre Amp that's been updated with the info gained on this page ...


    See the Schematic links for the changes made.

    I believe this disconnects the +6db gain option but it doesn't need it anyway as it has plenty.

    I bought it after I sold my Promitheus TVC passive pre and it made an immediate difference for the better, more dynamic, more impact but still has clarity and detail too.

    For the money it's a great little pre amp, and you can try different valves of course, I have Seimens Mica 3's in it at the moment, but it will be supplied with the Valvo valves that it came to me with. ( I'm keeping the Siemens )

    A few little marks on it but nothing too noticeable in use, there is a little mark on the top edge of the fascia but only seen if you look closely.

    245 including postage within the UK.

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    Nice little preamp - GLWS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebottle View Post
    Nice little preamp - GLWS
    It is, was a nice little stop gap for me but I have my eye on something else as usual lol

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    GLWS Mikey,

    Good price that.
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