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Thread: Nagaoka MP-500 Phono Cartridge Thoughts and Opinions

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    Default Nagaoka MP-500 Phono Cartridge Thoughts and Opinions

    Hi everyone and happy new years
    I'm considering buying a Nagaoka MP500 cartridge to go on a Jelco SA 750 DB tonearm that is
    mounted on a Technics SL 1210 M5G table.
    I have never heard a Nagaoka cartridge before so if anyone has tried the above setup or have
    any thoughts or opinions on this cartridge please let me know.

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    I'm jamie.


    ive had one in the past,i enjoyed it,ive also had a 2m black which it competes with. they are both very good,the 2m though is notorious for set up,if i went MM again i think id give the mp500 another go.
    the only downside is the mp500's cost.
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    I'm KEVIN.


    Thanks for your reply I have had a 2M Black a Dynavector 20x2 homc and a Goldring 2500 all were very good cartridges
    the Nagaoka is more of a try something different exercise.

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    Try TonyL across on the PFM forum, he has one on his main turntable on an SME 3009. I think the Nag replaced a 2m Black and is preferred.
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    I have owned the Nag500 with a jelco 750 and although possessed of a lovely rich tone, nice bass and good timing I found the top end unnaturally curtailed. I just wanted more top end extension at all times as it sounded too shut-in.
    I quickly sold it and replaced it with an AT-150SA which is a stunning MM and at the time hugely cheaper. The current equivalent is the VM750.

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    I have one on a Technics SL1200, its very good. I don't find the top end to be curtailed although I suppose depends what you are comparing to but I don't like a rolled off sound so it can't be too bad. Had most of the Nags over the years. If I was doing it again though I'd go for the MP300 not the 500, the 500 is very good but the 300 just has a little bit more balls to it.

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    I had an MP500 a couple of years ago.

    In my system it gave a very lively presentation, "full on" everything all of the time which eventually became a bit tiring. It's hard to say what was missing or exactly what was so wrong but ultimately I couldn't live with it - so close and I still can't properly figure it out, but it just wasn't for me. Closest I can get is that maybe it was just a tad too toppy with too much "energy" trying to escape. Masses of detail flooding out.

    I'd say if your system needs livening up this would be a great cart to try. Probably very sensitive to VTA adjustment.
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    I like the MP-500 a lot but found it just a little too-over smooth at times for my liking. I would still take a 2M Black over it, personally.

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    I have heard the MP-500 and it is a nice sounding cartridge however I prefer the extra zip to the top end my 2M black has. The MP-500 is easier to set up and very smooth with a slightly fuller body than a 2M Black but the 2m sounds more alive and brings the performer to life and into your room. Well almost into your room!
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    I've had the Nag 500 and the 2M Black. I preferred the Black, as the more detailed, natural sounding cart. As has been said before though, it is an utter swine to set up optimally.

    I preferred the AN IQ3 to either the Nag or the Black and, If I went MM again, would be very tempted to give the VM750 a try.
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