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Thread: Alternative power amp replacement for Audiolab 8000a.

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    Can't remember now it was about 15 years ago. It takes all the pre-amp gubbins out of circuit.

    EDIT: I have tried to find where I wrote down the numbers of the resistors to be removed but without any luck. Amazingly I found where I had stored them by putting them like a staple to the back of an old Russ Andrews catalogue, but the numbers weren't written on there! But they may not have been of any use to you as it seems to depend on the serial number and year of manufacture as which resistors are the relevant one's. I only had to remove 2 resistors, but the manual refers to re-siting them and/or removing or adding jumpers to certain points.

    I bought my 8000a in 1995 and the serial no ended with an F

    There is a PDF of an Audiolab manual on Hifi Engine. I saved it as a PDF but it will not load here so can't add it as an attachment to this post. It gives details of what to do for some serial numbers, so it may help you if yours is one of those.

    Here is the link https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_li...ab/8000a.shtml but you will need to register to view the manual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andydaa View Post
    n Audiolab 8000a integrated amp. My thoughts now are that as the Audiolab canít work as a power amp
    looks like is should be very simple to mod the 8000a so the the power amp in socket on the rear could be used to bypass the pre amp stage

    see here

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    Alternatively if the amp is for clubbing then a new Behringer model would fit the bill, and be in budget with guarantee &c.

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    I like my Yamaha P1600, you could get one of these or the more powerful model up within budget, sounds great and runs cool thanks to EE engine technology.

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    Sorry for slow reply, didn’t realise here was a page 2 ��. Don’t really go for a clubbing sort of environment, a bit of power and clarity suit me more. Talking about sound is really tricky. But I like clear more than warm. Not sure about turning Audiolab into a power amp, would rather swap out. Quad 606 looks great, but anything comparable would be considered.
    Thanks again.

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