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Thread: My 2019 Update Thread - My final system I think.

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    I'm Martin.


    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    There was once a dealer I knew who would not sell you anything unless you had heard the item(s) in question in your own system at home. You would deposit the asking price on a Friday and take the goods away to listen to over the weekend. If you liked the item(s), all well and good, you would get a recipt and guarantee. If you didn't get on with the item(s), you would return on the Monday with them and your deposit would be refunded.

    The arrangement applied to used as well as new items.
    So basically the exact opposite if my dealer. No wonder there's hardly any left.
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    I'm Gary.


    Few upgrades Incoming...

    I've been modding my PS Audio dac, big thread over on PS Audio forums on it?
    Much success.
    From my earlier post HERE:

    Finally got around to getting these Dac upgrades done.
    Dac booked into Loud and Clear Edinburgh to have stock transformers swapped out for better ones.

    I fitted a power controller board into my Dac, splitting the power rails between digital and analogue stages of the Dac, and allowing for use of an external linear power supply, to power the Analogue stage independently.

    To power the analogue board, one of these is on its way.
    Farad Super 3.

    Initially thought about saving a bit of money here, but cleaner AC power (imo) is a major factor in final sound quality.
    So decided...yeah. Go for it.
    Super-capacitors apparently...

    Like a battery setup, but without the downsides?

    Decided "do it once do it right", maxed it out and added their optional upgrades: SR Purple Fuse, Furutech Rhodium IEC Inlet and their "level 2" silver DC cable.

    Better speaker mounting on its way too?
    Herbies Cone/spike decoupling gliders winging their way from the US:


    Should all lead to a nice uptick in sound quality.

    Think that's me done?
    Maxxed out the PS Audio gear, all cables done, AC power done...

    Less than ideal Streamer setup tho,
    PS Audio bringing out their own Q2 2023, will probably spring for that - replacing the Oppo 203, then take a deep dive building a better Roon Server at some point.

    best result for studio purposes are not best results for hifi purposes

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    I'm Grant.


    Cool Gary, very cool.. all looking great
    Grant .... ؠ ......Don't be such a big girl's blouse

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    “You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police ... yet in their hearts there is unspoken fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts: words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home -- all the more powerful because forbidden -- terrify them. A little mouse of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.”

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    Yeah, need a board meeting mate.
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    Hi Ali, Absolutely love the avatar ! Some of Spocks most famous quotes !!

    "The needs of the vinyl outweigh the needs of the tape, or the CD." "I have been and always shall be your vinyl friend." "Vinyl is the beginning of wisdom ... not the end." "Live long and DJ."

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