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Thread: R2R Problem? Not always what you think........

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    Default R2R Problem? Not always what you think........

    Just thought I'd share this while things are quietish on the R2R front.

    My Akai GX-635D has continued to surprise and delight with it's delivery of whatever I put onto it. Has a magical quality all of it's own.

    Except suddenly it decided to intermittently give up on the RH channel. Then come back fleetingly, then go again. I doubted it could be dirty heads as they have been cleaned a couple of times since it came back from VintageTech almost a year ago.

    Initial thoughts were that it was about to fall victim to the notorious transistor rot - which would have been a bit of a surprise as they were pronounced OK and not in need of replacement. This is going to cost me a bit I thought.

    Turned out to be the Monitor Tape / Source selector switch that was going a bit dry or sticky. Laid the beast flat on it's back and removed the lower front panel, then applied some of Maplin's switch cleaner (so old there's no propellant left) and let it dribble down inside the switch body. Let it soak a little then worked the switch a dozen or so times - and back came the channel as clear as ever.

    Problem with anything electronic? It's always going to be the electronics so fear the worst, right? Not so. Try the simple things first.

    A few things have changed but here's a pic as it always seems to brighten up a post.

    Source: Orbe SE / SME IV / SAE 1000LT (again) / AT33 PTG II
    Source: AKAI GX-635D - Seriously Serviced by VintageTech
    Source: WD NAS / Cyrus Stream X2 / Chord DAVE
    Source: Oppo UDP-205 (CD/DVD-A/SACD)

    Amplification: Icon Audio PS 3 Sig Phono + Audio Research LS27 + Musical Fidelity A5cr Power Amp
    Loudspeakers: ProAc Response D28
    Cables/stands: Mark Grant G1500HD + Linn K20 + Cat 5e
    Other bits: Okki Nokki keeping things clean

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    I'm Chris.


    Nice when it turns out to be a simple solution, nice looking R2R and setup in general
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