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Thread: 'Gustard U16' USB Interface

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    I'm John.

    Default 'Gustard U16' USB Interface

    I am taking the investigation into the Laptop/DAC interface further, and with a bit of Holiday time on my hands, I have been hitting the web with searches and the device that has got my attention, is the latest model from Gustard.
    The 'Gustard U16' USB Interface, as a device it is affordable, it seems like it will fit in fine with a
    Laptop>U16>DAC set up to replay FLAC Files. As well as integrate into the Streaming set up, I hope to have in use in the future.
    The U16 is using a Chip that is not being used in any other interface device, so it has a unique position in the market at present.
    The Chip used is mainly found in certain sound bars.
    Before I discovered the U16, I was leaning toward Uptone Audio's ISO REGEN connected with their USBPC A/B Hard Connectors, hence avoiding any cable being used in the interface.
    The U16 Outputs are RCA Coaxial, XLR AES3, HDMI, and Toslink, the U16's layout will make it more difficult to use a Laptop>Hard Connector>U16 as a input, it should be achievable, but the output, will allow me to continue using my,
    Mapleshade Plus Clearview Excalibur Digital Ribbon Coax, between U16>DAC.
    The U16 inputs are USB Type B and 10 BMC 50 Ohm.
    Has any one evaluated the use of a U16, for their own purposes ?

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    I'm mark.


    I use a U12, thought it better than MF Vlink. Mac >USB>G12>Audio Sinthesis Dax Decade.

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