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Thread: S/PDIF vs USB

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    Default S/PDIF vs USB

    After enjoying the FLAC Files played from the Laptop, through a Bluetooth Speaker.
    I am now getting curious about hearing the Laptop and FLAC Files played through the main system.
    My DAC has a USB and COAX Input, so I believe I can play the FLAC Files straight into the DAC using a USB Cable.
    Is anybody using the USB Cable option as a interface ?.
    How is USB Cable rated as a interface, against the more common mentioned S/PDIF interface ?
    Are there any recommendations of Brands to be considered ?
    This will be my first venture into digital replay beyond CDP/DAC with a Mapleshade COAX Cable interface.
    Another experience to be ventured into, during the long dark evenings.

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    I use USB, and I think a number of other forum members do as well.

    The 'better or not' depends on the particular implementation of a given dac, for me, USB sounded the best.

    I tried a few different USB cables out, from the cheapo type you use with a printer, a Belkin and tested a few others out at a dealer.

    I settled on the Chord C-Line, as I needed 3M, and it was the best I could get for my budget at the time, and certainly a worthwhile improvement against bog standard or Belkin.

    You need to try out with your particular kit, some people never hear a difference.
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    Just goes to show we all have our own opinions. I have just spent the afternoon comparing sp/dif & usb from my Aries G1 to my Qutest dac. With both connected and swapping between the two listening for about 20 min each and doing the exercise 3 times, I came to the conclusion that sp/dif sounded better to my ears.

    Im not saying that this is a definitive conclusion, just mine. It maybe well worth others trying the test.
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    Everything comes down to implementation and in some cases Coax is better than USB, but in others USB is better.
    Regards Neil

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    I might be wrong but as I understand it, at some point in the chain the file based output needs to be converted to S/PDIF for most dacs so there is a converter somewhere along the way. High end devices might have a high quality one built in at either end, but for average equipment anything built in is relatively low quality and you are better off getting an external converter from the USB out to the dac S/PDIF in. This often has other advantages in terms of better power supplies (if not driven off the usb power) and electrical isolation.

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    I think that with the impossibility of a consensus about that usb versus spdif, all the crux of the matter depend of the implementation of the audio system and last but not least, i know that for sure, of the cleaning and filtering of the electrical grid and lines of the audio system...I use different mineral pieces of rock for that with a success astoundingly audible...It seems that the right minerals act like a kind of passive filtering device for the electro-magnetic field of the line and of the system and of the computer(router included)... Usually people laugh, and i usually does not talk about this anymore...But this forum is always civilized and if my remarks can make some curious spirit to try some experiment of his own with minerals he will be surprized and i will be pleased... It is difficult to be silent about that extraordinary case, and the results are so revolutionary that i dont call that a "tweaks" anymore...By the way i use s-pdif..

    Happy new year to all of you...

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    A year ago, with much lesser reading and philosophies learned.
    My thoughts on such a suggestion, that to place different minerals around a HiFi System, would have caused huge amusement, and in keeping with the Thread, "I would have thought somebodies taking the S/PDIF here" .
    Today though things are different, I suppose a analogy would be, I have become the flea, that scaled the hair, leaving behind the security of lower environment, to see what the world outside is offering.
    The idea of processing materials such as wire, to re-orientate their molecular structure following manufacture processes is acceptable, and seen as a design that could produce results that surpass a standard process of producing wire.
    The idea of Natural Dielectric Sheathing, Isolating Cable from contacting synthetic materials, are practices I do not see as unnecessary.
    I see them as designs to be tried, when a system is perceived as being at the end point, trying these designs at the interfaces of devices may just eek out the last bit of synergy.
    If your use of crystals has been perceived as a method to eek out that last bit of synergy, then I am pleased you have discovered it.
    It might be cheaper than uber expensive cable.
    For the curious types, who might be enticed to give it a go,
    What crystals types do you use ? How large are the crystals used ? Where do you suggest placing them ?
    As a response to the answers offered to my original post, it is now my view that I will need a Eitr interface between Laptop and DAC.
    Laptop>USB Cable>Eitr > Digital Coax> DAC.
    A device to replace the Laptop will be chosen in 2019, when I have more understanding, at present,
    a Kingdel i7 NUC, at less than $400 has a attraction.

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    What is Eitr?

    By the way in addition to optimising your cables (and philosophies?) also focus on optimising the OS on your computer. Lots to do there especially if you are using Windows. Worthwhile improvements to be had. Maybe you already did.
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    What would u do Ed, pc wise?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwardlon View Post
    What is Eitr?
    Good question - some folk seem to think everyone is telepathic
    Could be one of these http://www.schiit.com/products/eitr

    Common sense isn't anymore!

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