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Thread: Hello from the spanner in the BREXIT works (Northern Ireland)

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    I'm Jerry.


    I owned a Restek Consens preamp for a couple of years [a long time for me].
    It was an excellent thing.
    I'm not at all surprised you like your new Victor pre.

    i. Internet streaming > Various and varying electronics and cables > MBL 116F speakers

    ii Internet streaming > Audiolab MDAC > TPA3116 amp > Infinity Cascade 9 speakers & Jamo SUB200

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    I'm Neil.


    A Meridian G02 pre would have ticked all the boxes as well, they were also available with a built in phono stage, though I think most out there are line level only.
    Regards Neil

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    I'm Lou.


    Welcome to the art of sound.... enjoy..... lovely sized room you have there by the way.... you've made me jealous now...

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