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Thread: Switched attenuators, what's all the fuss about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebottle View Post
    I think this sums up my approach as well, although I have recently spent on TT upgrades that are larger than 'tweaks'.

    Now the AD attenuator has been in for a few days all the usual favourite albums have been played, plus a couple of others.

    The improvement has been amazing, I am even hearing a better sound from DAB radio at 128kbps, insane.
    (Not much but an improvement given the source).

    One of the most notable changes has been to the lower registers, they are palpably more distinct. The effect is to underpin the sound with what you could describe as better foundations to a building.
    The bass and midbass is now an integrated part of the sound, not drawing any adverse attention, no bloat but tremendous impact when there should be. Kick drums come over with a solidity and power that wasn't apparent before.

    The rest of the spectrum has opened out as well, cymbals tinkle more, individual instruments are placed more distinctly. Multiple voices are now all individual such that you can enjoy the performance more due to hearing everyone's contribution.
    The power and rasp of brass instruments has come to the fore, I even heard greater nuances on the Yello Toy album, which has been played a lot.

    Another big bonus is that CD reproduction has taken a leap forward, now instead of wishing the CD was a vinyl record, I can enjoy the medium without thinking it needs a big upgrade to compete.
    Now that's a very pleasant surprise

    In conclusion the best single upgrade I have made................

    I have been counting up the upgrades over the last 12 months and they total 7. I'll put these into a new thread.
    ever tried a good AVC like slagle in place of the these fancy new attenuators?

    i'm asking because people keep on telling me that the new stuff (KIN, DCB1) sounds better than slagle AVC which is technically speaking wrong comparison - active device vs passive volume controller. yes it can be done but we should be clear that we don't listen to differences between fixed and variable output impedance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
    Maybe I will ask Glenn which he thinks give the biggest bang for bucks!
    Yes, James, it would be great to have Glenn's opinion about the best value-for-money upgrades. Being an owner of Croft great since 1989, and having had various Croft amps upgraded by Glenn, I know for a fact that Glenn is very cautious with words. Improvements that me and you would describe as "magnificent", "unbelievable", etc., Glenn would say "it works well". Understatement is a built-in characteristic of Glenn.

    Your thinking is definitely in the right direction, which I've taken to where I am now. My Croft preamp (Micro 25RSLS, line stage only, with external power supply), is theoretically top-of-the-line for Croft. It is obvious though, that more is to be had... Croft gear seems to have no end in improvement potential.

    I will definitely report my impressions, as soon as I have finished with the new pots. But no, I do not do such upgrades myself. I prefer to have them done by experts.
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