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Thread: Anyone recommend a Freeview recorder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by julesd68 View Post
    I've had one of these for a while now and am very happy with it - definitely the best box I have had so far ...
    Have to say I have absolutely no regrets - bar the slightly sluggish TV schedule menu. Picture is brilliant on both HD and SD and recording is simple and works well. Some great features when using catch-up TV.

    Only other snag I've come across is that it has problems recognising some jpegs via USB ... ironic considering they were ones taken with a Panasonic Lumix camera

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    Had Humax for years and to be honest not been that troublesome, currently have a Humax Fox T2 HD and its never caused any concern, records all the wifes recording and mine without issues, BT also get Humax to make their boxes for BT TV.

    As a side note if you leave BT TV the box still works as a Freeview Box, BT will say it won't and send it back to recycle it, their lying keep it and use it yourself.
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    Our first Freeview PVR was lovely - was it a Fusion? It had a nice feature to allow videos to be compressed to save space. However ours packed up more or less a year after we bought it, and we had it swapped for a Humax under the 1 year guarantee. We've used Humax ever since, though switched to a Humax Freesat box years ago. We also have a BT YouView box which is quite good, and of course that can pick up channels from the internet.

    I do hear that some of the Panasonic models are better, but we have no personal experience.

    If one wants to keep some of the videos for a very long while, then it's possible to copy the video files from a Humax box to a hard drive. If the video is SD it may then be possible to view the files using video players, such as VLC, on a computer. For HD files this is not, AFAIK, possible, as the files are encrypted. It is possible to record audio this way too.

    It is not possible to migrate data from a BT YouView box - there are no outputs.

    Using a hard drive with a smart TV works, but it may be impossible to use the files with any other software - even the SD video, and perhaps even the audio from radio channels. I have only recently discovered the use of drives with smart TVs - and so far I think it works with a hard drive, and a USB memory stick, but I can't get it to work with an SSD I made up - the TV doesn't recognise the storage - YMMV.

    One other solution is to use one of the tuner sticks or boxes to feed into a computer. I know someone who really recommends Elegato devices - and they may provide a means of avoiding some of the issues with most other PVRs.

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    In my experience Humax have gone off the boil and be very wary of the 2000T which was/is riddled with issues like a noisy hard drive and motherboard which intermittently wouldnt recognise HD or sound functions untill booted up twice or more. They fixed the sound issue with an update but its never been a fully satisfactory product..see the Humax forum

    I stuck with it and modded the noise issues myself voiding the guarantee. Nice picture, recordings and control interface when it boots up properly.

    My advice is audition a few and be prepared to spend more than entry level prices on one. The Panasonic unit didnt inspire me and Ive heard the interface was clunky. I should have tried one out though and really should have returned the Humax to the shop
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    I’ve had a few Humax Freeview PVR boxes, including the BT branded one, and all have had excellent picture quality and reasonable ergonomics, but they don’t seem to last forever. After the last one died I bought a Panasonic 500GB PVR which had such poor picture quality compared to the Humax that I took it straight back to the retailer and bought the BT branded YouView box. Lately, I also tried one of the latest Humax Freeview Play PVRs and its picture quality also trailed that of the older box (also the BT), but still way better than the Panasonic.

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