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Thread: Cleaning CDs, to do or foo?

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    Any problematic discs (usually caused by fingerprints) just get breathed upon and wiped (in a radial direction) with the microfibre cloth that came with my first CD player (a Phillips 104).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    No I mean how many trials did you do with each CD? You've got to do quite a few to get away from random chance. A coin can land heads ten times in a row.

    I've done ad hoc blind tests myself and it's been enough to convince me as it convinced you, but if I was going to try to convince anyone else they wouldn't be anything like rigorous enough.

    The more unlikely the claim, the more rigorous the test needs to be. In this case for the fluid to improve sound quality as opposed to just making the disc play without skips or drop outs, then the people who designed CD would have to be wrong about the way it actually works. Or there is something completely unknown involved in how it works. So you need to be sure that your test wasn't flawed in some way. Since that is the most likely explanation.
    Yeah, fair point. We only did three or four trials per CD each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by da2222 View Post
    Very well put, I'd be inclined to agree with all points...
    Here's a generalism as noted elsewhere by others > a 'device' (eg CD player) that reads either optical (ie CD) or magnetic physical media will use an error correction process for read/write. The read process knows the start and end of what its reading so if there is an error, it will retry a set number of times. After continued failure it will declare it a 'permanent' error and then do something else.

    The aim is to preserve the integrity & transfer of a bit(s) so that a 'stream' can be presented to something else.

    I'm open minded but cleaning a CD should not have any effect on sound quality since you can't affect the bit ....

    My 2cents. I'll get my coat....

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