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Thread: Interconnects, keepers or not ?

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    late 70's 1980's Radio Shack. I used to run both those and some by Hosa back in those days.
    Then came Monster, Kimber PBJ, MIT,Apature, Audio Note and ended with White Zombie Audio.
    I seem to remember them being made of twin coax. Personally I would trash them unless you where using them with a 1970's period correct Realistic stereo system. I trashed a lot just like them years ago.
    There are just much better cables out there for not much money. Come to think of it , if Pete from work hadn't asked for them I would have trashed a dozen pairs of Monster 300/400 interconnects and a set of there 15 foot 11 awg speaker cables, and a 15 ft. Grado headphone extension . So my friend was happy with them and I had a Monster free stereo!
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    I hate these cables!

    Tandy (UK name for Radio Shack) Goldpatch they are, the first after market cables I tried, late 80s. They were quite cheap (5 ??) and on the back of What HiFi's babble and curious, I thought I'd give them a try. I was amazed to find that I did hear an improvement over the cheap patch cords that came with my equipment.

    They started me on a very long and slippery slope!

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