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Thread: Sony TTS-8000 Turntable

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    Default Sony TTS-8000 Turntable

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
    I could bring along my VPI and show you all what a good belter can do!
    Meh. Belts are for keeping your trousers up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Beobloke View Post
    Meh. Belts are for keeping your trousers up.

    and so true
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    The Link is to a web page that has the available download, to make a cut out for a TTS 8000 or 6000 in a plinth.
    This thread seems a good place to make it known.


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    I could not resist when a Sony PUA-1600s tonearm came up in Asia for a decent price - and I am still wondering about a Sony XL 55 Pro cartridge to match the TTS-8000. I am slowly becoming an old analogue nostalgic fart, I guess

    Just mounted for a quick listen before I dismantle the tonearm for cleaning etc:

    Although fitted with a crappy Jelco JAC-506 tonearm cable (the only one I got) I must say the PUA-1600s shows some promise. The combination TTS-8000 & PUA-1600s is not that far from the other arms (Helius Omega Ruby & Terminator3pro) which has been mounted on the TTS-8000.

    So it's all Japanese this weekend: TTS-8000 with PUA-1600s & Lyra Delos. Right now No-Man "Returning Jesus" is spinning - just to make you Brits happy
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    it looks lovely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldius View Post
    Imo it's a nonsense term used by audiophiles to try to explain sonic difference. It's in the audiophile index of shite alongside emotion and musicality.

    I speak as an owner of a TTS8000. It's the best I've owned and one of the very best I've heard. It would cost a fortune if it was made today because it features a very high level engineering. The SP10 is also an excellent deck and with the TTS8000, the L07D and the Denon DP80, seminal decks in the history of Japanese audio excellence
    I have a friend who owns a TTS-8000. I have a Denon DP-80. Very different approaches to solving a problem, but both work wonderfully. I was never a DD fan - had a few mid-level tables and my upper tier were always belt or idler drive. On a whim I picked up the DP-80 and (with two arms) it is now the table in my main system. It really just does everything right and makes it look (and sound) effortless in the bargain.

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