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Thread: Military aircraft classics

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrahamS View Post

    Avro Shackleton Mk3.
    This aircraft is on display at the SAAF museum at AFB Swartkop near Pretoria, RSA.
    Was that a Lancaster derivative? Thought it was a Liberator at first glance.

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    Sort of, although it's a totally different plane. The Lincoln came between the Lancaster and Shackleton. Saw dozens of them flying as a kid, I lived near RAF Northolt. Lots of other good stuff flew there too.
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    This tells it all. http://bit.ly/30r7pga
    I flew a number of flights in a Shak testing camera equipment when I was doing my military service in the SAAF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haselsh1 View Post
    Geoff, that is seriously shit luck but in spite of my love of military aircraft I prefer to keep my feet on the ground.

    Paul, thanks so much for your comments. I still think that film is way better than digital (runs for cover).

    All the best you guys.
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    I think this probably gives a real insight into the Shacks relationship to the Lanc . Quite a lot of stuff must have been the same

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