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Thread: Custom electric guitar build

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    Default Custom electric guitar build

    Mate of mine at work is a Luthier, starting out his own business and asked me to design his logo for him.
    As a mate I said sure, wasn't looking for anything for it, but wanted to help him out.

    He loved the Logo and as thanks said he's build me a custom guitar to my specs, I just buy the materials!
    Fantastic said I, and had a think about what I wanted.

    Figured out what I wanted and chose my materials.
    Custom job based on a Telecaster, but with custom headstock based on my logo design and Gibson style PAF pickups and hardware.
    Few other tweaks too going forward. Good the wood over to him yesterday.

    I'll update this thread as the build progresses.

    We CAD'd up the template and did a rough cut in MDF. Headstock matches the logo, tuners will be "upside down" Hendrix Strat style.

    So far Chose all my woods,
    Spalted Beech for the top wood, Wenge for the body.

    Mahogany/Maple laminate Neck, with patterned Ziricote for the fretboard.

    Enjoying Hifi 'n stuff.

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