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Thread: Bigbottle MC Phonostage

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    Quote Originally Posted by drSM View Post
    Hi Oli
    this sounds like a great project. i ve had a cursory read of this and related threads.
    Is the PCB still available?
    How does this compare to your Moon phonostage ?(All change at Big Bottle thread).
    Smangus havin problem on his build ?
    Issues probably down to my Numpty attempts at following instructions , not the board quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeyb View Post
    Me too., It's a sad day when we lose guys like Oli.

    Way too much emphasis, time, energy and passion spent on those emotive other things, politics, Abstract chat etc - It's a hifi forum.....

    There was a time when this forum was a really special place to be, focusing on what you expect to find in the tin - hifi, now I feel we've lost our way a bit - shame, hopefully we'll get back to that.

    I learned so much invaluable hifi related stuf, over the years, through joining here, lets get back to basics and the fundamentals of what this place is meant to be about and built it's reputation on, as a great place to be for lovers of hifi and music - please ! otherwise I sense others will depart too, out of sheer frustration, lack of interest and due to that not so nice feeling you get when someone who's contributed greatly and felt part of the AOS family, aint gonna be around anymore, what ever that reason might be
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