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Thread: STREAMING FILMS. Take care?

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    Default STREAMING FILMS. Take care?

    If you're one of the -seemingly many - who have ditched DVDs for streaming, (like music?), I see that 'Filmstruck' streaming site is about to be closed.
    Not enough subscription dollars?
    If this catches on, soon we'll be reduced to mainstream 'blockbustas'.
    I have fond memories of finding great French films on Filmfour, years ago. (Still -very rarely, at 1 a.m.?) but these days, the same old stuff prevails.
    I get..."ah, your favourite escapism film is on again" digs here -('A good year'.)
    so, with charity shops full of discarded dvds, time to get your 'hard copies' secured!

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    Never tried anything but Netflix or Amazon, these smaller ones don't have the clout to take them on, which is a shame but inevitable

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