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Thread: Wanted - 6 (six) 6922 / 6dj8 / ecc88 etc valves

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    I'm Jerry.


    Thanks Simon
    Yes, Justin has been on at me about Tesla e88cc as well.

    So, I've just bought a set on fleabay.

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    I'm Justin.


    FWIW I had a load of Tesla PCC88 and also a set of Telefunken PCC88 in the EAR868PL I had.

    I sold the Teles, then later sold the EAR. Good though both sets of valves were, they couldn't prevent me from starting to really dislike the EAR after a while. The fact was really I think I just found it boring sounding after a while. Loved it at first but you know how these things go after prolonged exposure and you really suss something out well in your system
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