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Thread: Bored..... So I shot my turntable [emoji6]

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    I'm Mike.

    Default Bored..... So I shot my turntable

    With my phone

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    I'm Geoff.


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    Well I shot the Sheriff (but I didnt shoot no deputy !)
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    Really nice shot. How's the Kb doing?
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    You've done it now, I'd forgotten about the blue rope lights I've got laying around. I feel a silly session coming on
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    .... cool lighting

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    For a moment I had visions of a platter launched from a clay pigeon thrower, double barrel discharge with no. 2 buckshot

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    Looking good Mike, are you enjoying the Kb?
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    Default Bored..... So I shot my turntable 😉

    Re: Clay pigeons , many a time I could quite easily have done that with all of my hifi lol.

    It was the way the TT was lit up that caught my eye, hence the photo.

    The Kontrapunkt is sounding very good, I知 getting a bit too much bass at times but I知 preferring the top end to the Zyx which at times could just have a little edge on it, my ears are very sensitive to this unfortunately which is why I couldn稚 use a couple of SS pre amps I致e tried.

    As regards the bass, I知 waiting on new crossovers and I will be tweaking my Tannoys a little with extra bracing and deadening once the crossovers arrive. This should help a bit, if not then I値l be looking for a new cartridge

    I might try the speakers back up on stands again because it reduced to bass too much last time and made that edge more apparent, tweeter height possibly made the edge more noticeable, but with the Kb it might just be right.

    I値l need to dig out my plastic stools again and try it tonight after work.

    Mind you I知 only using the Xiang Sheng DAC as a pre so that痴 maybe adding a bit of something in the mix, new valve arrives for it today, I値l know after work if that improves anything.

    I see you can even roll the opamps in it, I知 even tempted at trying that too, Bryson v5, v6 etc.

    The new gain and driver valves in my Primaluna have improved the power amp somewhat too, another reason my bass might be increased.

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    The Xiang Sheng will be holding the sound back a bit, particularly if you are used the valve output. The coupling caps are only polyester, these can be improved on.

    I thought you had inquired about a better valve pre?

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