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Thread: White rubber suspension!!!

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    Default White rubber suspension!!!

    I was recently gifted a pair of Celestion DL6 from a neighbours garage.
    Condition is as you would expect after many years storage...dusty and Jackson Pollocked with white emulsion.

    However all that I can solve, my problem is the grilles are absent and the rubber surrounds have turned white making them look gash.

    Is there an east fix?

    They sound fine.

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    It looks as though the rubber surround has dried out, or it may be foam that was a grey colour in the first place?

    If it is rubber and has dried out is has probably gone hard and will not be as compliant as it should be. Have you looked to see if there are replacements available from that online site that sells everything from every corner of the world

    Any pics? You could just go over them with a felt tip pen.
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    Online store “Parts Express”, sells these speaker repair kits, in all sizes, but I snapped a picture of these cool red ones! Perhaps this could restore them to their previous luster?


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