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Thread: My short stay in Madeira

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    Quote Originally Posted by prestonchipfryer View Post
    You seem to have a high vantage point with the toboggans. Where they coming past where you stayed?
    Yes we were in the bottom half of the garden at the Monte, the noise was interesting mixed with giggles and screams of joy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin Wonfor View Post
    Yes we were in the bottom half of the garden at the Monte, the noise was interesting mixed with giggles and screams of joy.
    It's been a few years since myself and wife had the pleasure of the toboggan ride. We now just go and watch them as my bones don't want to know. Thanks again for the views.

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    Looks fabulous. The wife and I love Madeira and go every year for two weeks at our timeshare in Funchal.
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    I'm Colin.


    Hi Clive,

    We stay in Funchal and with friends near the Lido.

    Lovely place and kind people.

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    I recall my visit there with great fondness, we stayed to the west of Funchal, had some great visits to fishing villages, a great day out on the pirate ship and my favourite trip was up the cable car to the Monte. For some reason my visit to the cafe in a little wooded area below the church up there will always stick in my mind. The waiter was very traditional (almost subservient) and it felt like I could have been a tourist there decades ago. The setting outside that cafe was sublime. Some of these photos bring the memories flooding back so thanks for that.

    I read quite recently there had been some sort of disaster at a religious festival there, it may have been fireworks related.

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    So sorry to hear of your misfortune, Colin. I live in Hertfordshire and recently travelled to Ipswich for a weekend, and used my bank card to draw cash from a hole-in-the-wall there. I immediately received a text message from my bank informing me that my card had been used "in a foreign location" and asking me to confirm that it was me! Madeira has always been on my bucket list. Thank you for the terrific tour and the superb photos. Condolences on the loss of your friend.
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    Colin that is really sad / bad news , life should be about good things

    I now carry my wallet in my front trouser pocket , Pick pocket crime is rife everywhere now

    Thanks for the photos it does look like a lovely country , Spoilt by scumbags
    Music is vinyl it fills the gaps between silence !

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