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Thread: Another WoW ! why do we continually spend more (upgrade ?) moments ?

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    I'm Mike.


    This reminds me of when Alex and I did the 'cheap as chips challenge' at Scalford a few years back, the amount of folks that simply couldn't believe how good 2 systems for less than 100 each could sound, as you've said more expensive kit does sound better, but the gap isn't as wide as people would like to think.

    As the late Colonel Sanders once said
    "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken!!"

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    I'm Steve.


    I've realky ramped back on the value of kit ive used over the years. My current system costs less than the cables I was using 10 years ago. Sounds fab. Becoming a bit disillusioned with expensive hifi.

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    I'm Dennis.


    I tend to agree that exorbitant expenditure becomes, well, seemingly obscene and inappropriate in the scheme of life.

    However, now I am up and running with my speakers, only on FM so far, it is evident after some doubt, that I have moved forward considerably.

    The main thing I noticed today is that when listening to many tracks, one could group them previously as flawed to a similar extent, grouped together at a similar level of failure. Now the levels of failure are much more spread out so that some recordings are far superior to others; the range of qualities is perceivable as greater.

    I will not change again, this is good enough, and easily the best I have had and maybe even heard so far, but is it worth the financial investment?

    Is it worth paying 2 for a Green and Blacks 80% chocolate bar rather than a Bourneville bar at, whatever, say 1?

    Is the former twice as good as the latter? That is a philosophical question.

    People thought I was mad before this purchase, and now even my local injury nurse has said I am.

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    I'm Geoff.


    I am also scaling back on my Hi-Fi. In quantity and scale. I'm now on the road to a 'shoestring system', but with high performance via some crafty implementation of good components. Home build will be featuring soon again, as it used to. I feel a need to re-kindle my interest in projects. Not done any for a while.

    And. The rule book tends to get thrown out of the window when I build stuff. I tend to rely on my existing knowledge, instinct, a bit of luck and a prevailing wind!

    I normally make good things though.

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