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Thread: What Is Going On With Online News These Days?

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Quote Originally Posted by alphaGT View Post
    Mauna Loa has been erupting lately! Took out about 400 homes. It was all over the news for a few weeks, it’s still erupting, but the news has lost interest. I don’t think they realized that volcanoes can erupt for eons. The cops have had to arrest people to keep them away from the lava flows!

    One of the things "to do before I die" is to see a lava flow. I did at one time plan a trip to the Kamchakpa peninsula for the active volcanic activity there, but it never came to fruition.
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    I'm Martin.


    I'm waiting for Vesuvius to blow again. It's closer, it's overdue and it is only 80 return on Ryan Air.

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