I had arranged to buy the ESL 57's from dantheman91 last week.
This morning he tried to contact me via mobile, which I couldn't answer, but was able to email him.
He then has a rant on his sales post.
I was going to post the following in reply, but decided I didn't want to spoil his sales thread as it is still live, so I refrained.

Hence this post.

This was going to be my reply to Daniel:

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as you've decided to bring your views to the open, i'll reply.

Where I work, I was unable to take your calls...thats policy, however I was able to use the email to reply, which I did as soon as I could.
Regards the deal falling through...that can hardly be entirely down to me.

I asked if you'd be prepared to try and get a price for postage and packaging, which if you would, I'd decide if reasonable and agree to pay.
Initially you said "No its too much hassle", so I accepted that and said I'd look for a pair more local to me.
You then made some enquiries and came back with a price of 70 for packaging and delivery...a total of 200, which I agreed was acceptable and paid instantly, as you said you needed the money for a car.

My intention was to have the 57's sent directly to OTA, you said you wanted them gone asap, so I arranged with OTA that they were to be delivered to them direct (they charge 65 to deliver a pair of 57's by the way).
Then this morning you try ringing me several times, which I couldn't answer. So I emailed you.
The reason for all the calls was that you wanted to inform me that you'd found that the postage quoted was for one speaker! The company were prepared to do the two for 120.

So the speakers had gone from 130 + 70 = 200
to 130 + 120 = 250
which is a 25% increase (although you did manage to reduce it to 240 somehow, I assume by losing a bit on the sale on your side)

I didn't feel this was a fair price , as it was almost the price of the speakers, so asked you to cancel sending them and asked for a full refund.
I didn't realise you'd taken them to the couriers twice. I made it quite clear I wasn't prepared to pay 120 for postage.

You continued to phone me, but later on I was driving and emailed you as soon as I landed back at base.

As for going the extra mile....I asked for the serial numbers, you said you couldn't get to them, but you took photos of the speakers.
I asked you to send the bulgin plugs directly to me as OTA didn't need them and I was worried they'd damage the grilles in transit (I again offered to pay postage)...but that was too much trouble and they'd have to go with the speakers.

I consider myself to be an extremely reasonable person and am able to make my own decisions.
If the calls were to try and badger me into paying a further 50, they wouldn't have succeeded.
I'd set my limit and that was reached at 200 all in.
In the first email I stated the delivery charge increase was too much.

I wish you good luck with your sale.
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If this is bad form for me to post this here, then by all means can a moderator delete the post.
I merely feel I should defend my actions, which weren't mentioned in Daniels mini rant, as they were directed at me.

Daniel has initiated the refund as agreed.