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Thread: Amplifiers! What do you have? What do you use?

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    I'm richard.


    Quote Originally Posted by hifinutt View Post
    yes , currently doing good service with FB mono`s . when and if i upgrade i will keep as back up as its rather good . i was listening to an album the other day and nearly jumped out of my skin on one track as it was very good . The FB are extremely transparent and revealing of any poor recordings. My MSB is a bit more forgiving !!!
    Schiit Saga is definitely underrated in the UK as far as I can see; as is the Freya. Bit of a bargain I'd say.

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    I'm James.


    Main amp: Classé Model 30 / Luxman M-383
    AV: Onkyo TX-NR636
    Computer Room: Sony AV amp of some description!

    Littering the spare room are:

    A&R Cambridge A60
    Inkel PD-1100 / MD-1200
    Sonab R3000
    John Shearne Phase 3

    There's also an old wooden amp that I can't remember anything about, will have to dig it out.
    Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck / Kuzma Stogi S / Benz Micro Ace S L
    Lenco L-75 / Carl Ellis Plinth / Ortofon AS-212 / Ortofon SPU Classic GM E MkII
    Ortofon ST-7 SUT / Nick G Modded Lentek Head Amp / Croft RIAA

    Cambridge Audio CXU / Theta DS Pro Prime

    Classé Model 30 / Luxman M-383

    Usher Compass X-719

    May contain opinions that others find disturbing.

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    I'm Clive.


    In my system I have a Kinshaw Perception pre amp to go along with 2 Kinshaw Perception SA phono stages.
    Also use a Nakamichi CA5E as both a phono stage and second pre amp.
    My power amp is a Lumley Reference ST40.

    As backups I have a non matching Rotel pre and power but not used much.

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    I'm Martin.


    Quote Originally Posted by Smegger68 View Post
    There's also an old wooden amp that I can't remember anything about, will have to dig it out.
    Probably a tree-ode design.
    Current Lash Up:

    *Oppo BDT-101CI* Nelson Pass DCB1 / Krell KSA100 mkII * JM Lab Electra 926 *

    'You fool! To think that your ape-brain could contain the full knowledge of the Krell!'

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    I'm Deleted.


    I use a combination of Paradise, Naim and Lab.gruppen.

    Pre-amp is a heavily modified Naim Nac72 (all circuit boards are replaced by those from Ryan Sound Labs). The 72 is powered by a modified Naim Hi-Cap (Avondale TPR4 regulator circuit and Kendeil reservoir capacitors). This feeds a pair of Naim Nap135 monoblock amps (stock except for Kendeil reservoir capacitors). The bass drivers are independently powered (in active configuration) by a Lab.gruppen ipd1200 - this also does some DSP. The phonostage is a four box Paradise.
    Account Deleted

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    I'm Jayson.


    Musical Fidelity AMS 35i
    Musical Fidelity AMS 35i / Electrocompaniet EMC 1UP / Transrotor ZET 3 + Konstant M1 Ref. psu / Jelco TK-850S / Ortofon Quintet black-S / Bigbottle mk3 phono stage / KEF Reference 3 / Auralic Mini / Chord Qutest / Isotek Aquarius / Sbooster mkII psu

    Mains cables: Viablue X40 mains cable + Furutech NCF plugs + SR Orange fuses
    Speaker cables: MIT AVt MA
    Interconnects: MIT AVt MA / MIT Matrix 12 / Zavfino Majestic tonearm cable
    Rack: Solid Tech Hybrid
    Accessories: IsoAcoustics Orea Indigo + Bronze / Gaia II / SDS soundeck

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    I'm Ian.


    Main system is a Nakamich CA 5E pre amp only used for it's excellent phono stage running into a Musical Fidelity A3.
    Computer system is a Nytech CA202.
    Toshiba SR-370/Mission 774/Van Damme cable with MS Starline plugs/Ortofon Quintet Black
    Cambridge CXC transport/modified Musical Fidelity X-DAC/modified Musical Fidelity X-10 V3 tube buffer
    Network Player
    Cambridge NP30
    Denon HA-500 head amp/Nakamichi CA-5E pre-amp/Chinese passive RVC/Proton AA-1150 DMC power amp
    Mordaunt Short Signifer on original factory stands
    Mogami with Rean Neutrik plugs/NVA LS5
    Sennheiser HD600/Sennheiser HD650/Koss Pro4 AA

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    I'm watching.


    Main system I switch between valves & solid state - JE Audio VM60 / Quad QMPs (simply because I can't make my mind up which monoblocks I prefer - both types have their virtues)

    TV duties - Yamaha R-N301 Receiver

    Conservatory system - Kenwood KA-1030 Integrated

    Bedroom system - Pioneer SX-757 Receiver

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    Location: Adelaide, South Australia

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    I'm Steve.


    Main system - Copland CSA29.
    PC system - Denon PMA 250 II.
    Son has borrowed - NAD 3020.

    Doing nothing - 2 x T amps, a TDA2030A dual mono diy and 3 x TDA7297 stereo chip amp also DIY.
    Boothroyd Stuart Meridian 101 with MC and MCA pre amp.

    TT: 1986 Townshend Rock, 1980 Luxman PD264, 1978 Planar 3 in original condition. LP12 (work in progress).
    Arm: AO modified Moth RB250, Hadcock GH228, Rega R200. Acost Lustre GST1, Hadcock GH228 special.
    Cart: AT OC9 III, Shure V15 III, Bellex HOMC, Garrott K2, VdH DDT-II special.
    Phono: Vincent PHO-8, Akitika MM.
    CDPs: California Labs CL15, Pioneer DVP 676A, Vincent CD-S4.
    Digi: Squeezeboxes. Yamaha WXC50. Denafrips Ares II.
    Amps: Copland CSA-29, Denon PMA250 II, a couple of cheap T amps, WHAMMY headphone Amp. First Watt DIY M2X, B1 Mesmerize Pre. Elekit TU-8500 Pre, Pass B1Korg DIY pre.
    Speakers: 1995 Castle Howard S1, 1970 Wharfedales, Dick Smith's $80 specials. KEf Ref 104aB, Usher S-520.
    Headphones: AKG Q701, Massdrop / Hifiman HE-4XX.

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    I'm Shaun.


    Currently using a Prima Luna Prologue Three preamp into a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium power. Still using the original EL34 power valves however even though I have owned the amp since 2016 it hasn't had a lot of use, in fact, I'd say less than 1000 hours.

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