I'm curious to know what amplifiers members use and own.

Some have straightforward choices, some have many amps, some have obscure combinations (me? ) So tell us.

Mine, in no particular order:

Technics SU-C04 a tiny integrated that sounds very nice indeed, similar to a Sugden A21. I've owned this longer than any other amp.

Promitheus TVC paired with a Quad 306. A combo that works brilliantly. Very nice.

SMSL Mini T amp. The size of a fag packet and sounds way better than you'd expect.

Cambridge Audio P80 from the mid seventies. Bit of a classic that has a modern sound. Good bit of kit, even if it is all DIN sockets.

VTL Deluxe valve pre-amp, driving a pair of Modern Tube Classics CT15 Class A EL34 monoblocks. Gorgeous sound, great with Tannoys.

JVC AX-A441 A rare Japanese integrated with very fine sound quality. Hefty beast!

Sugden Optima 80 integrated. A little known model. Sounds rather good driving the Tannoys.

MingDa MC-9 TVC driving a Monarchy Audio SM-70. Amazingly lucid combination. Pure Class A.

Also knocking about, a Little Bear passive pre-amp, an FX Audio 6J1 valve pre-amp that cost peanuts and sounds amazing.

I've had literally hundreds of amps, but have kept only those that sound good to me.

As you can see, I have too many, so no doubt there be a 'thin down' sooner or later!