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Thread: Amplifiers! What do you have? What do you use?

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    I'm givingyouaprettygoodclue.


    Settled on these about 5 years ago after a few twists and turns along the journey:

    Exposure XVII (MC phono stage)
    Avondale M1 monoblocks
    White Noise Audio MkIII headphone amp, because these things matter too !

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    Quad 77 Integrated (bought new and still in daily use)
    Quad 405-2 with improved Dada boards (bought second hand on eBay)
    Quad 520f - "refreshed" by Dada (bought second hand on eBay)

    No complaints. They will outlast me as I am coming up 70.

    When I was a new graduate and had no money I had a Goodmans Tuner-Amp. When I had some money I bought a Sugden A48/T48 and used them half my life. When they needed a lot of TLC I sold them to an enthusiast who would give it.

    You may judge me a long term buyer!

    In Southampton: Quad 77 Int Amp, AVI Neutron 4
    In Nicosia: Quad 520f refreshed by Dada - Quart 980s German Tower Loudspeakers.
    In both: Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, Beresford 7510 or 7520 DAC

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    I'm Oliver.


    One simple system powered by :

    Croft 25R pre
    Croft S7 just returned from Glenn upgraded to R.

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    I'm Hal.


    Very happy owner of a Shengya preamp and Jungson power amp. Superb items, and far superior to the Meridian amp i had previously
    Without music, powerboat racing, photography and a whole stack of other stuff that floats my boat, life is just a non stop procession of deadlines and bills.

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    I'm richard.


    Big Leema Acoustics fan. Used to own a MKI Pulse but now Tucana MKII.
    Leema Pulse MKI; Electrocompaniet PC-1; PMC TB2i; Denon TU-260 MKII; Pro-ject Xpression 1 with ClearAudio Classic Wood cartridge

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    I'm Sam.


    Technics SU-V9 ( used, needed a clean of controls ebay germany) mostly used for its excellent phonostage, Technics SB-6 speakers
    Technics SU-V8 silver colour ( a swap with a good friend of mine) most used now and then to play various components, ESM speakers
    Technics SU-V8 black colour ( go it used locally) mostly used now and then to play various equipment and is paired with the Celestion SL-6
    Technics SU-V8X ( used on ebay some years back) used now and then to play various equipment and is pair with Coral CX5 speakers
    Technics SU-G50 ( used from only store - deceased estate) used now and then to play various equipment, shares ESM speakers
    Technics SU-V4X black ( used ebay germany) used now and then to play cd and tuner on SB-6 speakers
    Technics SU-V4X silver ( used ebay germany ) used rarely for cd and tuner shares Coral CX5 speakers
    Technics SU-500 ( used ebay ) Used during the hotter humid months as a daily for DAC and tuner

    Amps: Technics SU-V9, SU-V8 (black and silver), V8X, V4X ( 2 black, 1 silver) , G50 and SU-500
    Source:Technics SL-P990, P350, P477a,PG440a, Marantz CD40, NEC CD620 - TDA1541A, Philips CD753, Klein DAC, tuner and turntables Technics
    Speakers: Technics SB-6, Coral CX-5, ESM bookself (seas tweeters), Celestion Sl-6 (copper domes)

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    I'm gone.


    Hi Sam = wow, a Technics fanboy!

    How about updating your Gallery thread with some of these lovelies?

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    I'm Steve.


    Firebottle monos in the living room.

    Monarchy Audio pure class A in the bedroom.

    Vincent sv121 integrated as back up
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    Garrard 401
    Acos Lustre gst-1
    Bigbottle bb3 phono stage
    Audiolab M-pwr
    Monitor Audio Silver

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    I'm gone.


    Vincent SV-234 integrated in main system
    Denon DN-A100 integrated in 2nd system
    Topping VX1 in 3rd system (powers Stax SR3 headphones)

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    I'm Geoff.


    Valve monos have gone, big Quad amp gone, Class A power amps gone. This is my main amp at the moment, the notorious seventeen quid TPA3116 unit from China.

    I still have a few integrateds and two Quad 306 power amps, but the TPA3116 sounds amazingly good and drives my big Tannoys just fine.
    "when common sense, logic and plausibility are excluded. All that remain are foolishness and lies"

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