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Thread: Amplifiers! What do you have? What do you use?

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    I'm Grant.

    Default Amplifiers! What do you have? What do you use?

    Quad Vena2 as pre and my 2 ProArt mono's. And got a spare pair of same mono's just in case.
    Grant .... ؠ

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    I'm paul.


    Sony STR 6055 on board phono stage is so good with the Shure Ultra 500 I sold all my phono stages. Another Sony receiver in the garage does the business there. Akai AM -U02 in the office, no tuner but phono stage is ok there too. Had various valve amps 2A3 bottle head monos, px25 monos, 300B, 6P3P in triode, don't miss any of them. Speakers are 99db Lii audio crystal 10 in tqwt, so no need for huge power amps to try and move those dogs you guys call speakers
    Bakoon 11R Denon DP80 Stax UA-70 Shure Ultra 500 in a Martin Bastin body with jico stylus, project ds2 digital Rullit silver lab 8 field coils in tqwt speakers

    Office system, DIY CSS fullrange speakers with aurum cantus G2 ribbons yulong dac Sony STR6055 receiver Jvc QL-A51 direct drive turntablesub. JVC Z4S cart is in the house

    Garage system another Sony receiver, cassette deck

    System components are subject to change without warning and at the discretion of the owner.

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    I'm Sam.


    Hello Jerry, thanks, yes a Technics fanboy i am, apart from a few non Technics cd players lol will update i think, be an old thread now

    Amps: Technics SU-V9, SU-V8 (black and silver), V8X, V4X ( 2 black, 1 silver) , G50 and SU-500
    Source:Technics SL-P990, P350, P477a,PG440a, Marantz CD40, NEC CD620 - TDA1541A, Philips CD753, Klein DAC, tuner and turntables Technics
    Speakers: Technics SB-6, Coral CX-5, ESM bookself (seas tweeters), Celestion Sl-6 (copper domes)

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    I'm Bernard.


    Shindo Monbrison feeding a McIntosh MC225 ... great combination!
    Turntable: Garrard 401 modded by Classic-HiFi in Hammertone. Heavy oak plinth by Russ Collinson; Tonearm: Phonomac AT-1010 Mk6; Cartridges: SPU GTE / VDH Colibri XGP / Decca SC4E rebuilt by ESCO with Paratrace; Phono Stage: Shindo; SUT: Bob's Device Cinemag 1131; Pre Amp: Shindo Monbrison; Power Amp: McIntosh MC225; Speakers: Auditorium23 Solovox; CD Player: EastSound CD-E5 / Sony PS1; Cables: Yannis 423.5; Yannis 223.5; VDH The First Ultimate; Totem Sinew; Audio Tekne ARSP-500 / Auditorium 23.

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    I'm Chris.


    For the past year a Puresound 2a3 push pull integrated amplifier with a Puresound P10 and T10 SUT phono stage, very happy.

    We've gone on holiday by mistake !

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    I'm fuckoff.


    Caspian M2

    Sanders Magtech (stereo)

    Longdog audio p6 (monos)

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    I'm Chris.


    Hi Folks

    After looking at some of the exotic (and downright obscure!) kit that members list on this thread, it sounds a little dull to just list a Cyrus 6a. It did, however, have the singular virtue of being free, in a convoluted way. When I was arranging to move from London to my mansion (ok, small apartment) in Fuerteventura, I gave my JVC JAS31 to friend. It had served me well for 40 years, but it was past time to move on.

    Vickers Hifi had an offer on Cyrus refurb'd 6As - full warranty, lala. I had closed down my part-time online sales biz a couple of months earlier, in order to move. That left some cash just sat sitting in my Paypal account. Vickers accepted Paypal, so the largest part of the dead money in my Paypal account was exchanged for the Cyrus. So not really free, but a completely painless transaction!

    It's the now discontinued all-analogue 6a (Current Cyrus model is the 6DAC). DAC duties are ably performed by an SMSL M6, connecting a pc and tv. The tv also connects to a 5.1 decoder, allowing the Cyrus to be used for the front speakers in a 5.0 system. Additional amplification for the 5.0 system is provided by a couple of (quaintly named) Nobsound Class D jobbies, so my amps list is:

    Cyrus 6a (stereo and front surround)
    Nobsound Mini (rear surround; occasional stereo)
    Nobsound G2 (mono; surround centre)


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    I'm Phil.


    there are many happy cyrus owners , seen some lovely neat harks with cyrus in . well done for such a cost effective system
    1]bel canto pre 3 vbs, ice power amps /onkyo sacd, modwright jolida dac
    sonos, . tannoy eaton legacy 2]arcam a85 marantz sa8005, black ice dsd dac and RFC impulse ta`us , track audio stands

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    I'm Robin.


    ARC Ref 5 into a darTZeel NHB-108 which is silly money these days.
    Robin. mit ARC CD9, ARC ref 5 / darTZeel power + magico v2. Clearaudio Innovation wood / Phantom ll / Lyra Atlas / Aurorasound Vida,
    Stax 009S cans.KGGG headamp. all connected with wires. Auralic Aries - Aqua La Scala- Feliks Euphoria Anniversary.

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    I'm Philip.


    Marantz pm4.
    Love it, just sounds right.

    But i have a....marantz pm4....on tne way.
    Can never have to many pm4s.

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