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Thread: Question about TIDAL

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    I should state that only 'Home' and 'Explore' are searchable functions out with of any music selections from 'My Collection', which is currently empty, as so far I've got nothing saved there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    Guys, just a quick one... I've signed up to a free trial of Tidal, which I'll probably now be using instead of Spotify Premium, as for me the sound quality is superior, even just on the 'HIFI' setting, not the full high-res 'Master' one.

    Now, on the Tidal webpage there's a button on the bottom R/H corner which allows you to 'cast' the audio output to another (connected) device, which I can do with either of my Sony pieces of equipment (amp or Bluray player). That's working fine, and I'm getting 'HIFI' quality sound through my system.

    However.... On the Tidal desktop app, which I've downloaded, simply to access the 'MASTER' quality, high-res music streams, there is no obvious button, unlike on the webpage, I can see that allows you to stream the sound via another device, which would then allow me to play it back through my Sony amp and system, so I can enjoy the superior sound quality.

    All I'm able to do is play it through my laptop. Am I missing something, or is that just the way it is? Seems a bit daft....

    TIDAL HiFi is lossless; FLAC at 16/44.1.

    I think the Masters are MQA or 24/96, which for me, is not necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yomanze View Post
    TIDAL HiFi is lossless; FLAC at 16/44.1.

    I think the Masters are MQA or 24/96, which for me, is not necessary.
    Might be different masterings though which means there is some usefulness to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for that. I've got no problem controlling the streaming quality in the settings menu on the desktop app (I'm using a laptop for the purpose). That isn't the issue, and I can easily alter it there from hi-fi to master quality.

    The problem is subsequently streaming the master quality sound to an external device, so I can play it through my system, rather than simply the speakers on my laptop. That's not a problem with the Tidal webpage, as there is a button on the bottom right-hand of the page for that purpose, which is strangely absent from the desktop app.

    Do you see where I'm coming from?

    Yes. Have you configured your PC for casting. Once this is done it should appear as an option on Tidal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    Thanks, Justin.

    So, are you saying that, with the desktop app, you can only listen to sound through the device that the app has been downloaded onto, and not stream the sound to an external device? If so, that's mad, because you can do it on the Tidal webpage.

    Plus, if true, it effectively means that you can only listen to 'Master' quality music streams on a phone or laptop, neither of which facilitate audiophile listening.

    I think I am. It has pissed me off for ages.

    You won't be able to cast 44.1KHz lossless from a laptop. You have to use a physical port to do it. I actually use HDMI to my telly and then the telly optical out to my DAC. Audiophile crime I expect some think, but it does sound fine. Really.

    If someone knows better then tell us.
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    When you cast via a phone or tablet you will be using a different protocol and definitely not lossless wi-fi.

    It took ages for TIDAL to allow Chromecast.

    Bluetooth HD is still lossy, about half the data rate ish of a CD.

    A while since I have looked at it but if someone knows better I am all ears.
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    Too much money and I don't want to use their in-built DAC.
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    bluetooth 5 does 1400kbs. not tried it tho. I might add thats for close range.. long range drops significantly, as you would expect. something has to give.
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    There are some points to consider on this:

    If you want the full MQA unfold, then you have to use the Tidal desktop application, or pass the digital signal (via other means) to a full MQA capable DAC.

    The Tidal web page version does NOT offer full MQA unfold.

    I think Tidal restrict availability of the full unfold digital signal for fears of copying, etc. For example, with the Tidal app on my IPad Mini I can connect via analogue (via Lightning) to my external DAC/amp, but there's no digital out available. Apple Music, by contrast, allows an external digital feed.

    I wouldn't get too hung up about MQA; it's impossible to tell if it's the same mastering or not and differences are often in just that. Some do, though, sound exceptionally good. If you've got Tidal HiFi then using MQA is mostly worthwhile.

    My system could well be an example which makes things a bit clearer. I use Tidal a great deal and access via a Bluesound Vault. The Bluesound Vault is an MQA compatible device and it provides the full MQA unfold via its analogue outs.

    However, I use its digital output in to a Perreaux DP32 which is not MQA compatible. The Bluesound provides the first MQA unfold via its digital out. So, with MQA files, I usually see 88.2 or 96kHz sampling frequency.

    I have compared full unfold MQA from the Vault analogue to first unfold via the DP32 DAC (using DP32 as the pre in both instances). I prefer the first unfold via the DP32 DAC.
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    the latest version of Roon, also deals with Tidal's MQA (masters) so the compatible DAC isn't an issue In this case, I believe.
    Edward should be along shortly to clarify...
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