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Thread: Headphones wanted for indoor use only

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    Default Headphones wanted for indoor use only

    Which headphones are best to buy closed back or opening back just want them to listen to my Pure dab tuner late at night to plug in my Denon 350 SE amp Will only ever be used indoors lounge and bedroom want them to be comfortable on ears ! Thankyou for your help

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    I've just bought some of these https://www.richersounds.com/akg-ove...eadphones.html

    Based mainly on good reviews and that they don't have any unwanted extras like Bluetooth, noise cancelling etc... which I don't need.

    I also use them late at night when I don't want to disturb anyone.

    I find them comfortable and sound very good.

    Happy days

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    It reads as if you're not looking for a religious experience but rather for something practical. In terms of sound performance, in theory open backed have the design advantage due to letting the sound breathe but I've had closed backed cans which are as good as open backed ones and so I'm personally not convinced that it's the defining factor, sub £300 anyway.

    The choice probably depends more on whether you're wanting to avoid irritating others or them irritating you. The downside to open backed is that whatever leaks can be easily heard by others. Closed backed shut out other sounds eg if your better half is watching the TV while you're trying to listen to the radio.

    Most retailers have "headphone bars" and I'd suggest going along at the start or end of the day when things are quieter and checking out Sennheiser, AKG or Beyer, avoiding brands with obvious street appeal which usually means pumped-up bass. I can see how the AKG K92 have received good press having used the K701 and Y50 in the past.


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    How much are you looking to part with? Good headphones these days can range from £50 to £2,000.

    The open back AKG’s have been well received for a long time now, lots of experience in their camp.

    I personally own a pair of Shure SRH840 ‘phones, and love them. They are actually engineer’s ‘phones, aimed at those who mix down recordings, and work in studios. They are sealed back, and keep out exterior noises at something like 26db. With a huge cushioned head strap and big ear pads that actually fit over my big ears, they are super comfortable and feel great for hours and hours. And they sound great! I enjoy listening to them, I use them mostly for learning to play songs. They are detailed but not fatiguing, and can play loud if you call on them. They exude quality for the price. I paid $200 US, and they are about 6 years old and have held up well.

    But, I agree that there are just too many out there to choose without shopping around, and if you don’t mind spending £600, or £1200, you can really find some magic that rivals listening to speakers. Expensive headphones really are better! But as with all things, the laws of diminishing returns plays a factor. My $200 ‘phones are miles away from any $100 pair. I own a pair of Sony 7000 series headphones too, and they are nice! A great second pair for recording chores, but, the Shure’s have it all over them. And don’t forget to check on second hand ‘phones, many people spend big money on some highly reviewed headphones and then find they don’t use them, and sell them hardly used at all for half price.


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