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Thread: Phono stage advice

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    Default Phono stage advice


    I'm after phono stage for Hana SL low output MC cart.. The original budget was around 600 for second hand unit, but have no idea what to get...Really could stretch my budget. I'm used to own Whest Two (1 gen) and was quite happy wit it..But upgrade would be nice.. Any suggestions please? There are some links for more expensive units..is it worth attention?





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    I’m using a tron convergence. Only tried it thorough the tron and some hashimoto suts. Preferred the tron, probably due to the 470R v 120R of the sut.

    Not much help, sorry.

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    Another vote for the TRON Convergence. Excellent sound quality and stellar build. If you don't mind travelling round the M25 to near Uxbridge J1 M40, you could have a listen.
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    Nakamichi ca-5 gets my vote, it has a very good mm/mc phono stage
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    I ran my Hana SL through my Firebottle KIN and it sounded very good. The Vivant is essentially the same phonostage, although standalone and performs well.

    The best bet is to try and borrow something you fancy and listen to it in your system.
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    I would have thought it a better idea to find a phono stage that works with a range of cartridges rather than the other way round, it is certainly my experience the better way of going about it. Sure any stage should be versatile enough to do that, but it is not always the case.
    In terms of the examples you have linked to I feel you can get better value for your money too. For instance if you went for the Nakamichi you wouldn't need your current pre so that could cause a mis-match somewhere in your system; yes you could use it purely as a phono stage but that introduces another box when wisdom usually dictates a shorter path is best.
    A am a fan of Unison stuff in general but that phono stage hasn't changed much since it was 500 new, albeit without the power supply. I am not knocking them per se, just offering a different perspective.

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    I'm also running a Hana SL, originally via an Icon Audio PS3.SE, but I now run it via an MFA SUT direct into the MM stage in my pre.
    Whilst the Hana will sound more than respectable into the standard 100 Ohm load offered by most MC stages, it absolutely shines when given the recommended 400+ Ohms, I currently run mine on the 470 Ohm on the MFA and it's a revalation.
    If you already have an mm stage then get yourself a straight 10:1 SUT and you will be laughing.
    If your anywhere near the South Coast your more than welcome to listen to my hana/SUT combo to see what you get.

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    Thanks guys for the response.. Currently I have no phono stage at all and looking what is currently for sale on the second hand market...If you see anything to consider please drop me a link..It is really not fun to have TT and the records without being able to listen them..and keeping buying new records doesn't help at all)

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