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Thread: Latest addition to the setup..

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    I'm Neil.


    Many thanks Tony

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    I'm Tony.


    Quote Originally Posted by steve-z View Post
    I tried the Reflektor valve in my XS Dac 01 and it did improve on the stock 6n3 chinese valve but I found the General Electric JAN5670w to be even better.

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    Started proper listening to the XS DAC 01 tonight using a GE JAN5670w valve using one of Geoff (Walpurgis) homemade coax, kindly sent to try out.

    First things first, the homebrew coax is very transparent and very well made. It has already made it obvious that this system needs some running in yet, as it has shown obvious improvements in clarity and separation on each listen so far.

    Initial impressions of the DAC itself are very positive too. Early days yet, have had an initial listen comparing SS and Valve output against both each other and the output from the same tracks via FLAC using the ALLO Boss 1 as a comparison.

    Not a strictly controlled session by any means as Iím really just looking for rough impressions at this point.

    Had an initial listen to some selected tracks from the following:

    Frank Sinatra - Best of the Best
    Alt J - An Awesome Wave
    Lisa Hannigan - At Swim
    Paul Simon - Shining Like A National Guitar

    Listening was done primarily through the headphone output of the Icon Audio Stereo 20PP using Audio Technica ATH-MX40X headphones.

    Initial impressions are that this thing has bags of potential. At the end of the session I found myself leaving the unit on itís valve output in preference to the SS which I found to be less engaging. The valve output grew cleaner and more informative as the session went on.

    Looking forward to more listening on the speakers next time.

    One thing that is already clear is that the CD player is no longer embarrassed to be in the company of the rest of the kit!

    To be continued...

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    A mainly digital setup with a musical amplifier and endearing 1970's speakers. A CD player that hardly ever gets used and a turntable that is good enough to remind my how enjoyable my old vinyl is. Some cables and things.

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