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Thread: The Bug is back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bksabath View Post
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    It start loosing shape at 60KHz
    I was going to post same current results but I have blown up (not surprising) one of the Output boards

    So more to follow ...
    Oh dear.
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    Oh no, feeling really gutted for you. I know how much work you have put into these Amps. No worries I'm sure it's only a minor setback.

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    Well I got it apart already and the negative board has 2 blown Mosfets
    I have already matched a god pair out of my stash

    It looks like the J fet is gone as well but again I got plenty of spares, this is a bit more upsetting because it is going to be one less pair that I leave to my grand children's
    It should be back on later on
    Positive thing about it the speaker protection works


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