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Thread: The Bug is back

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    Default The Bug is back

    Bug is back .jpg

    Had a couple of friends around and one said "I want an amplifier like yours" the other said "me 2" so we are going to build 2 set's of F5 turbos
    The bug is back and for myself I am going to build an F6
    My F5 are now 10 years old not pretty but I never had any problem since I made them so ugly as XXXX but reliable

    The 2 turbos are going to be pretty special and not being for my own use the be pretty as well
    while we waiting for the transformers to arrive 2 600 VA and 2 800 VA toroidy supreme ,and bits and bobs I have been in the loft looking for a few things

    In the teaser picture the cooper heat sink for my camming F6

    we need same help any one whit decent drill / milling machine around here ?

    We really want to make the best possible job of those 3 babies

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    I'm Alex.


    The model numbers refer to...First Watt amplifiers?

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    I'm Sandro.


    yes what else?

    In the mean time I have been looking at CVD diamond
    From exchanging emails whit a couple of people whit loads of alphabet after the name it looks like that no one has ever tried to use for it in place of the Kerafoll 86/82 that I use
    Now that the idea is on the web copyright is covered

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    I'm Sandro.

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    I'm Sandro.


    F5T capacitors.jpg

    Boards have arrived pictures tomorrow
    Next we can size up the heat sinks

    Design may change but just to get few ideas flowing
    I have been messing about whit the capacitors
    In the picture one off the banks 100,000 uf
    1 mm cooper bar for the connection and acrylic holder,

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    Looks like those friends of yours are going to be very happy in the long run. Good stuff matey.

    Toriody are very good. I have one in my phonostage and there's no hum, buzz thanks to a good secure fixing and a Toroidal shield from China.

    I'll be following your progress. I do have a hankering to try a First watt amp.
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    I'm Sandro.



    UP and downs
    Those capacitors need screws so I ordered same from RS
    Part N 6086785 22.00 for 100 bag
    and 537151 5.00 for 100 bag

    RS put them as stock items delivery for next day not true the top one was sent 2 days later from France
    I was expecting a much better product as it cost over 4 times as much and it is not
    They are exactly the same
    No need to say quick phone call and RS re founded the money but one think RS components used to be a good source for products and now ? One fraud prone scam ?
    The web site catalog is a bit of a joke as well to try and find parts is not what it used to be


    Rapid electronics
    Now stock Kerafoll 86/82 as far as I know it is the best interface between heat sink and transistor unless

    one manage to get same CVD diamond


    I have spoken whit a few peoples whit loads of alphabet after the name they do not know that it has ever been used for this kind of thing I told them that I was going to make a study and that it would have been nice to get a few samples

    well they sent me a link to the shop that has not replied so far
    I will look more in to this for the F6 build
    In the mean time I am covering my bases
    CVD Diamond as thermal Pad for transistors is my idea and you read of it here first

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    Using copper instead of aluminium on the other side of the heatpad would make a big difference.

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    I'm Sandro.


    WP_20180606_14_38_55_Pro.jpgyes quite right
    Dam one could never find the standard BIC Lighter gauge
    This is going to be the heat sink for the F6
    Scale I have tip over 20Kg but take that whit pinch of salt
    It came out of a 200 Kw Danfoss Inverter
    Plan is to cut in half and force cool it I will post the simple circuit later on


    In the mean time I have started to reform the capacitors
    10V for 24 hours then slowly up to the nominal voltage when I would let them settle for a few days

    Nice to see you here Simon !

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    I'm Sandro.


    The boards have arrived one word NICE!


    In the picture 2 sets out of 4
    those will be 2 50W F5 Turbo mono bocks

    Plan is to go for 2 mono blocks so we have 2 soft start and 2 speaker protection
    I know very little about those I use CL60 thermistors for the soft start and UPC1237 (or NTE 7100) whit Amplimo speakers relay on mine.

    The soft start, speaker protection, rectifiers and most probably ground lift + DC blocker will be on the tunnel under the sinks while the Input board will be mounted on the back plate
    Me and Martin spent 4 hours messing about and making list of things to do, piking Sink sizes (planning on 300 X 82 X 170 (4U)) and so far the lay out may be like this


    Things to do
    Fan speed controllers
    Attached Images Attached Images

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