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Thread: Does anyone use Freecycle - either to lose or to acquire stuff?

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    I did put some items on free cycle only to see them for sale at the local boot sale , thought I may have been helping someone out

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    I'm John.


    It's really disappointing to hear of so many people abusing something that's supposed to represent goodwill. Humans are pretty shit I suppose.

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    Its for the hippy ad fab, tofu eating lot isnt it? If Ive got stuff worth giving away I can get my neigbours interested or I just give it to a charity shop. I just leave stuff where people can find it and it soon goes ....a good home found.

    If its worth selling I will sell it. If its not worth selling I will find it a good home without having to use sites like that.

    Im not going to put that much effort into advertising stuff for free. I know sites like that are going to get abused and its all a bit twee to me. Of course dealers are going to turn up and its going to be a right kerfuffle. The idea that its going to the ideal person goes out the window when a dealer turns up

    Its sort of a nice idea in theory but I cant be arsed with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by sq225917 View Post
    Used to, sick of traders using it to get bits for free so stopped. The ratio of genuine people who wanted, a green house, small shed or a load of roof slates vs dealers who turn up in truck and then just sell it on seemed small. Just gull of arseholes looking to get stuff for nowt to flip by pretending to be punters rather than traders.
    Same here.
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