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Thread: Does anyone use Freecycle - either to lose or to acquire stuff?

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    I'm Dave.

    Default Does anyone use Freecycle - either to lose or to acquire stuff?

    I just wondered.

    This is currently on the Epsom Freecycle site - I probably don't want it - https://groups.freecycle.org/group/E...music%20system (it's not my listing) - but occasionally there might be stuff worth having, I suppose.

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    I'm Dominic.


    I used to use freecycle a few years ago, mainly to try and give stuff away.

    Got so pissed off with people saying they will take whatever it was and never show up at all. The couple of items I picked up were way off on description, usually broken. I'm sure they advertised the crap to save taking it down the tip themselves.

    Gumtree is bad enough for that sort of thing but freecycle leaves it standing.
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    I'm Mike.


    Have used it to give away and pick up.

    Nothing bad
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    I'm Simon.


    Used to, sick of traders using it to get bits for free so stopped. The ratio of genuine people who wanted, a green house, small shed or a load of roof slates vs dealers who turn up in truck and then just sell it on seemed small. Just gull of arseholes looking to get stuff for nowt to flip by pretending to be punters rather than traders.
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    I used the Yahoo Freecycle groups for Cambs and it worked out OK. However, the group was quite tightly moderated and anything unscruplous was reported quickly and named and shamed.

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    I'm Mike.


    Used it via Yahoo a few years ago until the group was disbanded. Found new homes for some kids garden stuff (playhouse, slide, etc.)

    Been clearing out the shed the last few days so found a local group via your link to list some stuff - cheers for that

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    I'm Dave.


    Re the traders who are picking up good stuff - maybe there are some - indeed I'm sure there are. Sometimes. though, we have advertised to no effect at all "for free", but then had numerous responses to an advert with pound signs attached. We don't go looking for stuff to sell though. Sometimes things have simply been nicked from outsider our front door. We once promised a microwave oven to a worker who was doing some installation/renovation work, so put it outside the door for him to pick up on his way out. A little while later it was gone - not taken by him. We did honour our promise though, as we had another one which we also decided to get rid of and we handed that over some time afterwards.

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    I'm John.


    I have used it to give lots of stuff away and I reckon about two thirds of people are decent, but you get some absolute arseholes who ask you to hold something for them and then don't turn up.

    There was one woman who wanted a couple of really crappy old wardrobes, and I turned down lots of other takers as she was first to contact me. The man in a van who turned up to collect them told me she was a senior NHS consultant. She would have been earning well over 100k and she wanted what was basically junk at the expense of people who were potentially skint and actually needed them.

    On the flipside it is pleasing when you help someone out or find a good home for something you would throw away. And it saves creating even more landfill.

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    GOD, let's see...
    Over the past decade I've given away Thorens td 150, perfect.
    Ker Cara, perfect.
    Yamaha ns500, no grilles
    Imf studio summats , much modded but good condition
    Denon tu 300, perfect
    Sony ss 126, perfect
    Technics stack system, all working but cassette deck needed new belts

    and lots of other stuff I cannot recall.
    Most of this gear was released into the wild just before the upturn in values of vintage gear and the ahem...vinyl revival.

    Stuff recieved in return as way of payment for my good deeds/twatness....a gas cooker for the daughter.

    Not touched freecycle for ages....populated by traders and no show dicks.....avoid.

    Rant over....opens cold Newcastle Brooon.

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