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Thread: FS- Sony TC-136 SD Cassette player

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    Default FS- Sony TC-136 SD Cassette player

    I have this Sony gathering dust in the cupboard which I bought a few years ago with the intention of getting it up and running but never got around to it.

    I'm second owner, the previous owner purchased it new in 76 from the London Sony showroom and hadn't used it since early 90's.
    I did have the original sale receipt but can't seem to find that and will post it to buyer if I come across it.

    Mint condition bar a tiny scuff to the tape lid (shown in photo)
    3 very small paint specks, easy to remove (shown in photos)

    Original Sony power cable 1.8m long
    Original manual
    Sony Hi-fi magazine that featured the player

    All lights and both VU meters work
    Needs belts as they have perished

    Features For This Unit:

    Ferrite & Ferrite Heads- Durable & Great Sound

    Dolby B Noise Reduction Reduces Tape Hiss

    Metal/ CrO2 Tape Selector Switch

    Dual Backlit Analog Meters

    Limiter Switch Helps You Make Better Recordings

    Record Pause Switch for Professional Track Transistions

    Independent Left and Right Recording Level Controls

    Independent Output Level Control

    Analog Tape Counter

    Headphone Jack on the Front Panel

    Microphone Jacks on the Front Panel


    Type: 2-head, single compact cassette deck

    Track System: 4-track, 2-channel stereo

    Tape Speed: 4.8 cm/s

    Heads: 1 x record/playback, 1 x erase

    Tape Type: type I, CrO2, FeCr

    Noise Reduction: B

    Frequency Response: 30Hz to 16kHz**(FeCr tape)

    Signal to Noise Ratio: 59dB**(dolby B)

    Wow and Flutter: 0.1%

    Input: 62mV (line), 0.19mV (mic)

    Output: 0.44V (line)

    Dimensions: 386 x 126 x 240mm

    Weight: 4.2kg

    Year: 1975

    Looking around 55 delivered

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    I can't see a price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    I can't see a price.
    Hidden amongst the piccies - 55

    Lovely bit of kit, very classy.

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    I can...He's looking for 55.00 delivered....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    Hidden amongst the piccies - 55
    Ah. Missed that and I'd scrolled through twice.

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