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Thread: Sale of Vinny's complete system....plus more

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    I'm brian.

    Default Sale of Vinny's complete system....plus more

    Many of you will have seen the couple of threads that I started recently concerning the passing of member VINNY/BONNEVILLE.
    His family have asked if I could help move on Vinnys Hi Fi kit.

    I went down yesterday and collected it all, and it is in my house. Im handling all aspects of the sell off.

    Ive only just got it, so havent tested any of it yet. I will do soon.
    But Vinny was very particular that his kit worked properly, so Im sure it will all be fine.

    In any case , it will be set up and listened to before I sell it.

    Here is a list of what is available, with prices.


    Velleman 8020 valve amplifier ............ 200

    Technics compact disc player .............. 40

    Ion systems X PAK 1/2.03 ................selling this as pair with Obelisk . 250 for both
    Ion system OBELISK 3X/2.03

    Marantz PM4 integrated amp ................. 425

    Specialist bass unit audio electronics ltd speakers. these are 2 Bass drive units.
    each unit is almost 12 inches in diameter, including the metal frame. actual speaker part is 9 inch diameter.
    I cant find out anything about these. Open to help !!
    see the picture. I can take better/closer ones if needed.

    QUAD ESL-63 electrostatic loudspeakers ............ 600.
    I saw these in the family house before we packed them away in the original boxes. they looked in really great condition. the wood is brown.
    I havent unpacked them again yet, to take pictures.... but can if needed.

    Marantz Cd 52 CD player .............50

    Exposure 2010- CD player with remote............ 200

    Samsung DVD writer SE-208..................10

    T motion TP2 powersupply ........10

    Logitech squeezebox touch , with remote ..............80

    QED Conduit MDH6 distribution hub ..........80

    There are 3 sets of interconnects. 2 by Hitachi plus one other set

    2 pairs of speaker cables. one set bronze colour/flat. ( probably to go under a carpet.)
    other are large/chunky. see pictures.
    Im just going to include the interconnects and cables individually to folks who buy stuff. ie freebies, but not all included in one deal.

    there are many power cables. everything sold will have one.

    I didnt know much about this kit, so the prices are based on my research plus some advice given to me on threads I started,
    and in private messages I have received.
    So, I may be wrong, and need to adjust. But that is the prices initially.

    There is too much stuff to post lots of individual pictures now, so I have just taken two, to show it all.
    But I am happy to take pics and E mail to folks who are interested, and to provide more detailed descriptions of condition, if needed.

    Buyers are very welcome here to see and hear stuff. Im in West Lancs, near Rainford.
    Initially, I would prefer not to get in to posting stuff. Possibly later.

    I drive up to Scotland regularly and can get them up there for no extra cost. so, M6/M74/Perthshire.
    I may possibly take a detour into the North east, on one of these trips, for a contribution to my petrol costs.

    I may also drive south to deliver/meet, again with a contribution to my petrol costs.


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    I'm brian.


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    I'm sorry about the circumstances of this sale, I didn't know Vinny but may have met him if he was at Scalford 2017.
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    Feeling awkward on this but have sent you a message.


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    I'm brian.


    Ade, thanks for your message. I will reply later, as I have to go out now.

    just wanted to add a few thoughts, for you and to others.

    no need for anyone to feel awkward about any of this..

    Pat and Andy are both very comfortable with all of this. Pat in particular is just happy to have all of this out of the house.

    It has to go, and there are very nice plans ahead for the money raised, which I needn’t go in to.

    please come forward if something is of interest.

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    Hello Brian,

    I understand this is a difficult time for all concerned, and appreciate the help you are giving Vinny's family, but could you provide some photos of all of the kit up for sale?

    Since there is quite a bit of kit to be photographed, and given the circumstances, we will leave the post in place for you to add some images as and when you can provide them.

    Have you listened to this month's choice in the Album Club?


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    the velle is well worth buying , i am using one now into some firebottle mono`s
    1]bel canto pre 3 vbs /MSB s200 , / onkyo sacd/ bel canto fm1
    sonos, . tannoy eaton legacy 2]schiit saga pre , firebottle mono`s marantz sa8005 bel canto 3.5vbss and RFC impulse ta`us , track audio stands

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    Digital: NONE
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    Cables: Fisual S-Flex Speaker Cable & SPOTFIRE IC Cables & NEW SPOTFIRE Tonearm cable
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    I'm brian.


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    I'm brian.


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