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Thread: LMS, Picoreplayer and Squeezepad

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    I'm Stephen.

    Default LMS, Picoreplayer and Squeezepad

    I am running LMS on my Imac and streamimg to a RPi running Picoreplayer. I control the LMS access with Squeezepad on my Ipad.

    Let's say I select an album to play. If I hold the selection on the Ipad for a couple of seconds I get the option to Play. This plays all tracks on the album.
    If I briefly press the selected album, the individual tracks are displayed. I can briefly select a track and it plays. When finished it automatically plays the next track. I also have the options of sing the Next track / Previous rack arrows to, well, play next or previous track immediately.

    At least that what used to happen until a couple of weeks ago.

    Now I can play whole albums (or playlists) but I have to hold individual track selections to get the Play option and only that track will be played. The next track will not automatically start when completed. The Next Track option simply replays the same track, not the next one.

    I cannot tie this change into any software update and I have ensured that each relevant Player in LMS has the 'Play Next rack' option chosen.

    Any ideas ?
    Current kit :
    Music library (FLAC) on IMac or streamed via Qobuz. Fed wirelessly to Raspberry Pi / Allo Digione and into Lyngdorf digital amplification. This handles room correction and drives a pair of Quad 2905 electrostatics.

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    I'm Barry.


    There was a update for SqueezePad on the 24th April, could that be the cause of your problems?

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